Gate 39 Media: Helping Businesses Step into the HubSpot CRM

Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media
Many might know HubSpot as the market leading inbound marketing solution, but that title has evolved over the years. Today, HubSpot has grown into a strong CRM capable of transfiguring the sales process into an efficient, profit-generating channel. Be it marketing teams embracing sales enablement endeavors or customer support requiring an efficient ticketing system, HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs offer powerful tools for everyone. In this regard, companies need a well-versed HubSpot partner to customize it for their unique requirements and maximize its benefits.

Enter Gate 39 Media!

As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, Gate 39 Media’s expertise lies in broadening HubSpot’s scope from being a marketing automation tool to a powerful CRM and Sales Enablement powerhouse. “We tend to onboard Sales Hub more than Marketing Hub, which is quite astounding given that most agencies specialize in the reverse,” says Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media. “This is one aspect that helps us stand out as a solutions partner.”

The firm’s HubSpot services predominantly cater to the financial, professional, and agricultural services industries. Many of their clients are sales-driven and don’t possess an in-house marketing team, typically relying on Gate 39 Media’s marketing services. Throughout their various client engagements, the company has recognized an apparent gap for support in marketing and sales automation processes. By analyzing clients’ unique requirements, Gate 39 Media helps them best define their lead funnel and sales processes and bridges the support chasm.

Be it consultation, customization, training, or a combination of the three, Gate 39 Media caters to them all. As Keller puts it, “It’s not just about getting a piece of software up and running. It’s about helping our clients define and refine sales processes internally and making sure HubSpot supports them.”
In addition, the company offers marketing and technology services, such as inbound marketing and website design and development for their customers as well.

The firm has helped many clients migrate onto HubSpot from other CRMs and automation tools. For example, one of their client’s had a dependency on four separate databases (MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce, and Outlook), gave little to no visibility or traceability into their processes, and kept their customer-facing teams separated. Thanks to Gate 39 Media, their marketing team no longer uses Zapier to integrate MailChimp with Salesforce. Their service team no longer manages support requests in email. And their sales team no longer has to log into both Salesforce and WooCommerce just to complete a sale. Today, their website’s chatbot, drip nurture campaigns, sales pipelines and opportunities, support tickets, and knowledge base all reside in HubSpot. Gate 39 Media completed the migration and team training within three months. This instance exemplifies the company’s expertise in tailoring HubSpot to best fit clients’ unique requirements.

While other partners are just stepping into the latest units of HubSpot like Service Hub, we have become experts in it

The company is synonymous with many such client success stories. Gate 39 Media’s HubSpot and CRM Team has earned a standalone footing within the company. The firm has several certified individuals to help clients migrate into HubSpot. In a nutshell, having a HubSpot partner like Gate 39 Media helps companies reap the benefits of a CRM as it revamps their marketing, sales, and service processes into highly automated and digitalized solutions. “While other partners are just stepping into the latest units of HubSpot, like Service Hub, we have become experts in it,” concluded Keller.

Gate 39 Media

Chicago, IL

Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media

Gate 39 Media offers consulting, training, installation, and customization of HubSpot and helps clients leverage new rollouts like Service and Sales Hub.

Gate 39 Media