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Olaf Gijseman, Managing Director
Olaf Gijseman, Managing Director at Gate B Consulting is a sports enthusiast who believes that being involved in sports on a regular basis creates a positive impact on the mind and body. “A well-planned and structured exercise is not only exciting but also makes individuals perform better,” notes Gijseman. This effect is reflected in the way he manages the services company that needs to stay in shape—to go the extra mile for its clients. Gijseman’s farsightedness and focus is a reflection of Gate B Consulting’s expertise in empowering companies to increase their marketing performance.

Gate B is a member of the Brand Leadership Circle (BLC)—a Swiss group of companies focused on brand driven management and was founded with the specific purpose of helping clients achieve higher efficiency in their marketing, branding, and communication processes. “This goal is achieved by using a combination of consulting services such as marketing cost optimization and performance measurement coupled with the implementation of modern marketing software,” explains Gijseman. The major trends in marketing have created a lot of pressure on marketing organizations, to select the right channel for communication. Using SAS as analytical software, Gate B helps their clients take better decisions incorporating more factors.

Gijseman’s will-power to succeed has helped him create innovative solutions that enable customers to evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns. The analysis of every detail of each marketing campaign enables the marketing analyst to determine the relevant factors and extract the differences from other marketing activities. For instance, in a marketing environment with over 500 resellers, a company provides their resellers with a marketing operations platform, where each reseller can create personalized marketing activities. “After the creation of marketing material each reseller has to fill in all details of his campaign in a marketing plan, enabling the central marketing department to access thousands of valuable marketing data points,” explains Gijseman.

The integration of the CRM tool providing sales data enables the central marketing to compare costs versus sales from a global perspective down to the level of the single marketing activity of each reseller.
This enables the client to launch specific marketing campaigns, targeted to a single prospect to increase response rates and profitability of marketing activities.

The company’s Approval Tool for Supplier Proposal is used by large companies who tend to decentralize their marketing departments or functions to a point where the divisions cannot profit from the functional know-how and procurement capabilities of each other anymore. Gate B has established an analytical tool that provides a price range for a certain agency task based on statistical models.

Over the years, Gijseman has provided game-changing models of rich-set of functionalities to the clients. These partners cover broad software scopes within their standard product, enabling Gate B to concentrate on deep relations with few software suppliers. This in turn is beneficial for the customers in the long run. “The SAS capabilities raise our customer’s ability of marketing analytics. We support the client’s customer knowledge using integrated analytical data insight methods,” he expounds. For instance, in an environment of 5 car brands and 500 retailers, Gate B has helped its client to automate retail marketing across all marketing functions. “We have implemented a marketing portal that covers marketing planning and budget functionalities, media creation for retailers without the need for agencies, and shop functionalities for marketing material,” reckons Gijseman.

Moving ahead, the company is planning to expand geographically. Gate B is also keen on developing innovative marketing analytics offerings for smaller and mid-sized firms as standardized operations. “Strengthening and refining our capabilities in analytical marketing will be our focus for the coming years,” Gijseman concludes.

Higher efficiency in marketing can be achieved by using a combination of consulting services such as marketing cost optimization and performance measurement coupled with the implementation of modern marketing software

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Olaf Gijseman, Managing Director

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