Gate Three: Flexible and Seamless Project Management

Joseph Jagodich, President
Project managers often face challenges such as tight timelines, disconnect in communication, environment and goal-related dynamics, burgeoning costs, and operational opaqueness. Most organizations realize the importance of adopting intelligent project management solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms to automate the project management life-cycle while simultaneously keeping a tab on related costs. "With many software solutions available to assist in the management of projects, a key point in making a selection is ease of use,” says Joe, President, Gate Three. Enhancing coordination, planning and control-work for project managers in the construction industry is Gate Three—a collaborative construction management software provider. As construction projects are huge and risk prone, companies need flexible management and seamless software solutions to complete projects successfully.

Gate Three is an integrated web-based management system that consists of a communication platform, document management, electronic workflows, cost and budget controls, billing and cash flows, milestones, and management reporting. Offered as Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) model, Gate Three reduces scope risk through its integrated change control workflow, significantly boosting productivity across all departments. “Our solutions provide the industry a workflow that is very much in line with corporate functions and it involves all the departments in the construction business,” says Joe.

As an access point to construction project lifecycle, Gate Three enables construction professionals to make better decisions more rapidly and deliver efficiency on a daily basis by reducing risks related to safety and quality through the integration of quality assurance programs within the project. Joe further emphasizes on the value proposition offered by Gate three on risk mitigation to tackle complex tasks that change dramatically from project to project and innumerable claims that are levied against a company during the project duration and the project lifecycle. “Gate Three offers complete control of information and enables project managers to stay up-to-date with every step,” says Joe.

Gate Three offers complete control of information and enables project managers to stay up-to-date with every step

Joe points out the importance of converging web and mobile for managing projects more efficiently, which he observes has not really happened with many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications that are available for the construction industry. “We have found that with our components and modules, we are bringing a fully integrated solution, which means that its interoperable and that's the key in construction,” says Joe. Gate Three’s project management starts with the Contacts module where user profiles are created and linked to relevant projects. The Project profile module shows a summary of key project details and once a team is electronically assembled, the Communications module’s Project Inbox is the place where all correspondence is logged and archived, which are further consolidated in the eBinders module in anticipation of project close-out. “The product has 28 modules, which incorporates submissions, files, media, photos, and all the information what a project manager or a field oriented person would require on his job,” says Joe. The system also effectively manages the uploading, distribution, and storage of design documents, which are an integral part of every construction project. The meeting module encompasses agendas and the related minutes, which are tracked through the activities dashboard providing a single workspace for project related tasks and information.

For the road ahead, the company is focusing on enhancing the user interface for contractors and is planning to initiate the concept of micro services in containerization for their solution as the technology provides speed and performance along with proficient workflow abilities. “We are looking forward to enhance our flexibility to store data for our clients through a device agnostic approach,” concludes Joe.

Gate Three

Ontario, Canada

Joseph Jagodich, President

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