Gateway Group: Leveraging SharePoint for Facility Compliance

Dr. Rainer Hoff, President
Companies are consistently in pursuit of excellence to better their products, but bottlenecks like ineffective storage of documents and interruptions in seamless information flow are rampant. To overcome these hurdles, companies are working tirelessly and implementing SharePoint solutions. In this scenario, as an established provider of SharePoint solutions, Gateway Consulting Group headquartered in East Amherst, NY is investing resources in providing Electronic Document Management (EDM) expertise to the chemical process, energy, power and related industries. Dr. Rainer Hoff, President of Gateway, outlines the obstacles of his customers when he says, “The time taken for in-house development of complex SharePoint applications is excessive and unpredictable.” Hoff leads Gateway in creating packaged solutions to combat the need for in-house development.

The firms are quite determined about reducing their technology footprints, thereby reducing both licensing, support, and integration costs, while improving reliability. Gateway comes into the picture with its idea of layering facility applications on the top of the SharePoint infrastructure proving to be a key asset for companies that are keen to eliminate the need for, and costs associated with, multiple point solutions. FACILEX™, one of the advanced SharePoint solutions, has been earmarked to automate process safety compliance business processes. FACILEX assists companies deal with the management of change, capital project management, incident investigation, corrective and preventive actions, as well as auditing on a regular basis.

Hoff is spearheading Gateway to automate the complete life cycle of critical business processes and tailor the business processes in a manner similar to editing a spreadsheet. The company is focusing on new innovation to be in sync with the market expectations for ensuring regulatory compliance and audit readiness.Gateway’s Process Safety Information Vaulting Solution provides a repository for all facility documentation, along with the proper management of attributes, revisions and versions, red lines and markups all with access to SharePoint search, reports, records management, and security.

We focus on new innovation to be in sync with the market expectations for ensuring regulatory compliance and audit readiness

Hoff expresses, “however, the real challenge lies in knowing the full scope of the requirements and dedicating the resources on an ongoing basis; we have overcome this challenge!”

Since its inception, 25 years ago, Gateway has been providing its expertise to help customers develop information management strategies, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Of the numerous success stories that the Gateway has experienced, there is one that stands out. A refinery in Texas was facing a crisis where a $3 billion project was in its final stage and the prime contractor was delivering the final documentation, ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 pages per day. In stepped Gateway with its high performance data capture and indexing mechanism and vaulted all the information in SharePoint. “We effectively managed the changes to the documentation as the capital project went through commissioning to full operations,” elaborates Hoff about the high point of Gateway.

Acknowledging that innovation is the torchbearer of a company’s success, Gateway fosters innovation by giving any team member, with a good idea, the time and resources to develop it. FACILEX was one such beneficiary when it was commercialized seven years ago. Gateway’s roadmap takes into account the customers’ requirement for reducing the technology footprint and adhering to regulation frameworks such as the API 754 and API 1173 (American Petroleum Institute), and Risk-Based Process Safety and Vision 20/20 (Center for Chemical Process Safety). Gateway provides the means to create, manage, aggregate and display data relevant to these process safety initiatives, in a complete end-to-end solution, hosted on SharePoint. “Over the next few years, we will continue to mature these comprehensive solutions,” signs off Hoff.

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East Amherst, NY

Dr. Rainer Hoff, President

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