GAVS Technologies: Creating Zero Incident Enterprises

Sumit Ganguli, CEO
With the focus on enhancing user experience and increasing business system availability, the CIOs are chartered to bring in solutions addressing faster turnaround and responsiveness, combined with a proactive and predictive ability to address unplanned and unexpected business disruption. GAVS’ Zero Incident Framework (ZIF) is built primarily on this renewed expectation of enhancing user experience and increasing business system availability across the enterprise. This is achieved through the components of ZIF, from a proactive real user monitoring to providing predictive analytics of operations within the enterprise. The framework is completely built on Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligent Suite leveraging the power of Big Data analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and pure play User Interface. These components not only aid in transforming into a digital organization but also provide significant operational efficiencies across the enterprise. The convenience and simplicity of usage is primarily driven by the various underlined Microsoft components like Azure ML, HDInsight, and other regular database and UI components. The entire Cortana suite has significantly enhanced the business and operational benefits of the ZIF framework.

“Integrating the power of instrumentation, predictive analytics, DevOps, and VDI technologies, ZIF plays a crucial role in the transformation of IT infrastructure management. ZIF captures the data at the source and not at the layers above,” says Ganguli. The comprehensive platform is inclusive of tools such as GCare for instrumentation and real user monitoring, GAVel for Predictive Analytics engine, zMan for IT Process Automation, Zirrus for DevOps, zDesk for Virtual Desktops, and Risk & Compliance.

“As a certified Microsoft Gold Competency Partner - Cloud Platform, we collaborate with Microsoft to craft Smart Machine based solutions and become a part of their journey to reinvent productivity in business processes and enable customers to achieve digital transformation,” comments Ganguli. At the recently held Microsoft Ignite event, Microsoft exhibited their Operation Management Suite (OMS) integration with GAVel.

ZIF plays a crucial role in the transformation of automation led IT infrastructure management

“It is an important milestone for GAVel to be in line with Microsoft’s strategy to provide extensions and integration with OMS and make it a sustainable hybrid cloud management solution,” adds Ganguli.

In one of our on-going implementation, one of the world’s leading PR firm partnered with GAVS to build, implement and rollout a New Age Customer Experience Platform consisting of the various components of ZIF. This is driving transformation by enabling the power of integrating GAVS’ ZIF along with the new age Millennial collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook and other social channels. In addition to the above transformation implementation, GAVS was also involved in transformation at a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) player seeking a cloud native SAP solution to support their demands for responsiveness and agility. The client zeroed in on GAVS to perform a due diligence on its existing infrastructure and SAP ERP environment, design a plan to address the gaps, and then build the best-suited infrastructure. The client could leverage Azure based nimble SAP ERP solution that delivered real time data across supply chains, reduced inventory, and executed accurate Management Information System (MIS) reporting— reducing the cost of operations by 20 percent.

“Success story akin to the PR and FMCG firm drives us towards becoming a New Age Infrastructure Management Company,” says Ganguli. “We are focused on delivering value to clients though automation led managed services and significantly reduce costs, enhance user experience, and improve the uptime of systems,” he adds. The company looks forward to building next-generation automation capabilities to provide economical IT infrastructure. “Even though we might be a ‘David’ among the industry giants, our nimbleness, passion, and zeal to succeed make us the ‘numero uno’ in the industry,” concludes Ganguli.

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Sumit Ganguli, CEO

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