GB Group: Identity Data Intelligence to Easily Detect Fraudsters

Richard Law, CEO
When Royal Mail finally released the UK addresses for commercial use, GB Group (LON:GBG), were one of the first companies to take this file and compress it to a tenth of its size and index the data to make it searchable, igniting the sparks of a revolution that was to create a paradigm shift. Over the years, many a men and technologies may have entered and left the GBG offices located at various locations in the United Kingdom, but the concept of procuring data, compressing, and indexing it has only infiltrated deeper into the DNA of GB Group. Talking about the journey of the company, Richard Law, CEO, GB Group says, “Over the years as more data and technology has become available we have grown this original UK address dataset to a global identity dataset.” GBG harnesses this data and uses it to tackle industry problems.

A specialist in providing identity data intelligence, GBG helps businesses to track and manage their customer’s information, increase fraud-detection rates and protect their user’s identity from being stolen or abused.

The juggernaut does this by delivering fully hosted solutions behind information security management standards—ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant architecture for an end-to-end user experience. For providing business intelligence into a business application in real time, “We have pioneered the synchronization of offline and online identity, enabling our clients to interact with their customers through a tweet, keeping the same degree of intelligence,” mentions Law.

GBG’s suite of offerings focuses on reducing the complexities within the big data space, by allowing enterprises to understand and identify fraudsters to create a better Customer Relationship Management. One of GBG’s key solution, global data quality management, collects and extracts their clients data from over 240 countries and geo-code them.The global data quality management solution can be integrated into platforms such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, and IBM. This would allow them to verify and validate their users—email, landline, mobile and social network profiles.
Contributing to the list of GBG’s cutting edge technologies, its global identity verification product enables its users to have a detailed knowledge about their customers. Identifying its customer’s problems, GBG has designed— identity verification product (ID3Global) and online search, trace, and investigate product (Connexus). Adopting GBG’s Connexus solution, 1st Credit, an experienced and ethical debt purchase firm overcame the challenge of tracing and contacting its customers rapidly. “With GBG’s solution, 1st Credit could achieve 365 percent return on investment on customer tracing,” mentions Law.

Our solution constantly alerts our clients in detecting a fraudster or suspicious behaviour, for preventing the entire firm from being victimized

Throughout the two-decade long journey, GBG has always had a VOS (Vision, Objectives and Strategies). “These are what we align our entire company too so we have a clear, ambitious and shared Vision,” says Law. He continues, “Within this VOS there are five key areas, People, Customers, Products, Process and Brand and these are what the Executive team and rest of the company have laser like focus on.”

Currently, GBG is working on combining their proprietary technology with the phenomenon of open data with the wealth of social data, synchronising it back to the offline data—an ever evolving challenge for customers. Further commenting on the road map of the firm, Law says, “There is also a growing interest around a single digital identity with the gov. verify project. GBG are one of the identity providers for this solution, which will enable citizens a single identity when logging in to government services. We’re really interested in understanding how this can go beyond government use, and whether this could be taken commercially across the globe.”

GB Group

Chester, UK

Richard Law, CEO

Provider of identity data intelligence solutions, to improve customer’s overall experience whilst adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures