Gearco: Embracing Advances in Technology to Provide High-Class PMS

Eric Almond, CTO
The technological advances have become a boon or bane to the Travel and Hospitality industry. Transitioning from traditional desktop to cloud based technology has been a long journey for the hospitality industry. New innovations such as the cloud stimulate the growth in the industry, but they do come with their fair share of challenges. Gearco, an internet-based corporation that engineers technology for Cloud-based Property Management Systems (CPMS), is helping the industry with the transition. The firm provides software as service solutions to different types and sizes of businesses such as extended stay hotels, small to mid-size hotels, apart-hotels, apartments, and self-storage. The company’s solutions give clients the ability to control their business rules.

Gearco provides industry-specific cloud-based applications that are easy to access from anywhere. It has developed its cloud-based platform after a long history of providing solutions to technology challenged industries. “We believe we have mastered the right mix of technology that engineers the best solutions for the hospitality industry in multiple platforms,” says Eric Almond, CTO. Leveraging over 18 years of CPMS and internet apps experience, Gearco is providing numerous applications to the industry on demand. The client can freely choose the types of accounts, systems, apps, power and tools that fit their needs. CPMS enables the professionals to manage tedious jobs such as customer transactions, property revenue collection, security control, maintenance tasks, tax tracking, and daily audits.

The on-demand services and solutions such as gcSystems, gcApps, and Gears Platform give the industry a wide variety of options to choose from. Based on the requirement, the hotel or an apartment can pair these apps to their business needs in a simple way. Once installed the organization has the option to bundle apps and services together to reduce the cost of the solutions. From room management to end-user security to internal system integration and more, there is an app for every need.

We are steady, we are focused and our bottom line goal is always to code better solutions for our customers

“We have 300 plus apps available and 500 plus rule sets that can control the work flow, permissions and auto trails for our customers,” notes Eric. The apps are live as soon as the organization sets up the business rules and assigns organizational security privileges.

As business rule-sets change, hotels may require updated changes or versions of applications. “We provide system enhancement for a cost effective price. In 2015 alone, we made 430 system enhancements with zero costs for our customers,” notes Eric. Gearco offers all of its CPMS services and solutions as Pay-as-You-Go (PayGo); a cloud service subscription charged on a monthly or annual basis with no contracts. The firm also provides bundled apps or services to customers to reduce costs up to 75 percent per additional app.

The Cloud-based Property Management Services by Gearco ensures the industry’s high yield property management and growth opportunity, all for a modest price. For the year 2016, Gearco is releasing a new exciting service “gcCloudAssistant”, a hands-free technology to help executives oversee their properties efficiently with ease. It is also looking forward to implementing integrated cloud print, cloud drive, and cloud mail technology that allows their users to manage information distribution from the front-office to owners, managers, and customers with rules and controls for delivery. Welcoming the industry’s changes, Eric concludes saying, “We are steady, we are focused and our bottom line goal is always to code better solutions for our customers.”


Duluth, GA

Eric Almond, CTO

Internet-based Corporation providing Cloud-based property management systems and solutions to hospitality industry