Gemba360: A Comprehensive Single Dashboard and Platform to Manage Compliance

Nihal Samara, General Counsel and Legal Director
In the ever changing world of legal systems that vary from country to country, enterprises face challenges in updating their legal, quality reporting, and Operational Systems. While many companies have tried setting up IT Systems that would address the operational issues surrounding legal advice, very few have prevailed as the existing IT systems lacked communication capabilities and flexibility with operational workflows. Addressing these shortcomings is Gemba360, a compliance system developed by Kaizen Synergy Law Firm that facilitates all the services and software applications to work on a single platform. “Gemba360 operates not only in the legal space, but also provides agencies with a single operating platform to manage all their operational capabilities including websites, finance modules, job modules, and Client relationship, patient record, document management private social networking and disaster systems,” says Nihal Samara, General Counsel and Legal Director, Kaizen Synergy.

Gemba360 is a next generation compliance system built for a range of different applications that run on a single dashboard and platform. What is unique about Gemba360 is that it is completely scalable. It supports small companies in remote areas right across to large Government Departments and large companies working across multiple legal jurisdictions. “We at Gemba360 build bridges and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) between systems to support software applications that specialize in a specific area,” states Samara. As companies face challenges in keeping up with the changes in the legislation, updating their systems regularly has become essential to ensure compliance with these changes in legislation. Gemba360 provides the much needed functionality to manage these changes in-real time as well as monitoring and managing all the legal, compliance, quality reporting, risk management, and OH&S as well as document management reporting.

“While most IT systems take over 12 months to implement, Gemba requires less than 24 hours,” comments Samara on Gemba’s simplicity and ease-of-use. Gemba360 delivers a number of solutions and modules that allow agencies to manage their documents, finance, and payroll via a single dashboard from anywhere in the world. This is particularly beneficial to agencies that operate from a number of geographical locations and need to meet a range of legal and compliance obligations. “People are seeking information quicker to make decision in real-time.

Gemba360 gives information to the Right People, At the Right Time, At the Right Place all in real-time with 100 percent Mobile access even in some of the remotest parts of the world

Gemba360 gives information to the Right People, At the Right Time, At the Right Place all in real-time with 100 percent Mobile access even in some of the remotest parts of the world,” adds Samara.

Gemba360’s compliance system supports a range of software applications with wide usability across many different cases. For instance, Amicus, an Australian non-profit organization, was experiencing a lack of quality that was much needed to meet the goals of their community based workforce. By adopting Gemba360’s quality and compliance module, Amicus was able to meet their needs and also programmed its compliance calendar to receive timely reminders of upcoming regulatory and compliance reporting, policies, and procedures that are due for review.

Over the years, Gemba has grown to support numerous applications, empowering companies to seamlessly update and manage their software. “We are now impacting the legal space by providing companies a single operating platform, whether they intend to manage their website and email, client and patient record systems, finance, job module, or disaster systems,” states Samara.

At Gemba360, innovation is not only driven by its staff, but also by its customers. “Agencies are looking for a simple way to manage and coordinate all of their compliance obligations,” adds Samara. As the need for a cost effective and efficient compliance solution increases, Gemba360 is emerging as a ‘go-to’ solution provider.


Melbourne, Australia

Nihal Samara, General Counsel and Legal Director

Provides Gemba360 Compliance System that allows agencies to monitor and manage compliance and risk management reporting with one system