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Stuart Frost, Founder &CEO
To build truly intelligent machines, teach them cause and effect.” Professor Judea Pearl, an Israeli- American computer scientist, and philosopher, best known for championing the probabilistic approach to artificial intelligence and the development of Bayesian networks, invested significant efforts in popularizing this concept and started a revolution by emphasizing causal reasoning to develop AI solutions. Though AI has been there for a long time, it has been used majorly for analyzing the patterns and correlations in data as opposed to true causal relationships; the idea Pearl was interested in. Today, even decades after Pearl first brought up the concept of causality in AI, most AI solutions in the market are still devoid of it. However, Geminos Software is one of the few innovation-driven companies that stands by Pearl’s idea of AI and the role causality plays in ensuring that AI solutions benefit businesses.

Instead of simply analyzing the correlation in data, the company uses causality to understand the events around the business and find answers to questions such as ‘what a business needs to do in response to those events’, and after that builds AI solutions around them. Having developed AIdriven solutions for industrial projects, Geminos Software brings a platform that has causality at its core and delivers enormous business value for clients. This solution is an outcome of the company’s consistent efforts led by Stuart Frost, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in leading successful data management and analytics businesses over the years. With in-depth knowledge of the market, Frost realized the need to address a fundamental problem of producing quality AI solutions based on causality rather than correlations and thus decided to build a whole new platform around that.

This platform also focuses on eliminating a major problem prevailing in the industry for the longest time—the communication between the data science teams and businesses. It’s very difficult for a business to explain what it wants from the data science teams and then for the data science teams to actually explain the algorithms they have built,” explains Stuart Frost, the company’s Founder, and CEO.
Causal modeling offers the solution to this by making it easy for a business user or a subject matter expert to map out their problems or certain events and what they cause them to do. Geminos Software’s causeway platform allows a business user to express what is going on using causal modeling and then look for the data necessary to build a solution. This is an iterative process that involves identifying gaps between the causal model and the underlying data, and filling/removing those gaps by finding more data and/or reducing the scope of the solution.

It’s a user-friendly solution that a business can start using with little or no training. It also allows businesses to obtain data from any source or platform. This platform especially proves critical in supply chain sustainability projects where traditional AI approaches don’t yield the desired results as no data may exist in those cases. Hence, businesses need a different approach to realize their sustainability goals. Geminos Software helps businesses carry out extensive research to understand what led to a certain issue with regard to ensuring a sustainable supply chain and what impact it will have on the customer’s business. Customers use its platform to create a causal model by first focusing on the problem and looking for data to build its algorithms thereafter.

Geminos Software is one of the few innovation-driven companies that stands by Pearl’s idea of AI and the role causality plays in ensuring that AI solutions benefit businesses.

Creating causal models allows Geminos Software to pick up different anomalies and use mapping to help organizations understand where they need to intervene to improve things. The platform monitors deployed solutions and collects feedback data to make the solution more streamlined and user-intuitive over time. In a nutshell, Geminos Software’s platform is the direct bridge between a business’s needs and the actual digitalized applications.

Geminos Software

Orange County, California

Stuart Frost, Founder &CEO

Offers a new approach to digital transformation by developing AI solutions that use causal reasoning rather than correlations in data.

Geminos Software