GENBAND: A Framework for Resilient Communications

Patrick Joggerst, EVP & CMO
Today’s communications industry must meet the demands of mobile device proliferation and bandwidth-intensive applications, yet many providers are operating over legacy networks that make this difficult. Wireless communications firms especially are concerned about network security and seek vendors that can deliver a robust, feature-rich communications environment including video as well as voice and data, and new ways of working from anywhere. Unfortunately, many suppliers fail to offer the all-encompassing set of solutions that can streamline a firm’s every networking need.

This is where Frisco, TX, based GENBAND comes in. GENBAND is a leading provider of real-time communications solutions tools that empower customers with more choices to establish an efficient communications infrastructure–either within their walls, secured with robust gateways or in innovative cloud based solutions. The company is a pioneer in blending network modernization, unified communications, mobility and embedded communications solutions, which consolidate the entire aging legacy network—enhancing the process of decision making and responsiveness.

GENBAND’s primary strength is enabling the transition from the old to the new–be it traditional Time-Division multiplexing (TDM) to full IP networks, the still new SIP to cutting edge WebRTC communications, the circuit cellular communication to the next generation WiFi calling, closed walled garden networks to programmable networks with APIs and SDKs, and the legacy hardware based deployments to new software based solutions running in the cloud. Companies from around the world trust GENBAND for its expertise in modernizing the core infrastructure, which has led the company to reach over 80 countries. According to Patrick Joggerst, EVP and CMO at GENBAND, the driving factor behind the company’s success is not just its superlative products or advanced solutions, but the relationship they build with their customers.
“Our clients know that we understand their challenges and we have the expertise that is required to manage their processes,” says Joggerst. The company has invested heavily in innovation in order to help propel its customers forward.

One example of that innovation is Kandy, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that enables real-time communications without boundaries. Kandy enables carriers and enterprises to easily integrate different communications services into existing web and mobile applications and business processes cost-effectively.

Our clients know that we understand their challenges and have the needed expertise to manage their processes

Fathoming the potential Kandy possesses, SAP is on the verge of rolling-out their cloud application integrated with Kandy which will allow them to incorporate a whole bunch of sublime features. GENBAND’s CONTiNUUM product line delivers a smooth and seamless network transformation experience and helps operators and enterprises migrate to IP at their own pace, while managing CapEx budgets and other constraints. GENBAND is also an undisputed leader in call session controllers and security gateway that enable voice and multimedia communication sessions to traverse diverse networks for a seamless user experience. In addition to helping cement the company’s expertise in the field, these tools help service providers and enterprises accelerate their revenue generation, transform or replace costly legacy switching components, and converge disparate mobile and fixed networks. In addition to its suite of feature-rich products and solutions, GENBAND delivers ongoing care and maintenance to its customers through its professional services organization.



Patrick Joggerst, EVP & CMO and David Walsh, Chairman & CEO

Provides software-based network modernization, unified communications, mobility and embedded communications solutions that help organizations to address the growing demands of businesses for real time communications