Genfare: Pioneering Solution-based Fare Collection Management Systems

Eric Kaled, President
For more than four decades, Genfare has created a longstanding legacy as one of the leading innovators in the transportation industry with its robust fare management solutions. Since then, the company has undergone name and headquarters changes, as well as releasing various new products.

Over the years, Genfare has continued its streak of innovation and revolutionized the payment space for transit agencies and riders by making mobile payments possible via the farebox, mobile app, and ticket vending machine (TVM).

“With our extensive industry experience working with agencies of all sizes, we have become the go-to partner for any transit agency’s fare collection needs. Our solution is tailored to enhance their services while simplifying the riders’ experience,” states Eric Kaled, President, Genfare.

The constantly evolving fare management ecosystem, regularly introducing newer technologies, has increased the complexity of setting up secure payment processing. It has become even more challenging with different players in the payment chain. These issues, along with budget constraints, have resulted in growing difficulties for transit agencies in offering equitable payment options to riders. Challenges in increasing ridership and creating sustainable revenue are multiplied by technological innovations in the payment space happening faster than the agencies can procure them.

In response, Genfare uses data insights to customize an endto- end solution that meets the unique needs of the agency and the community it serves. To increase ridership, the company adopts proactive measures and creates a safe and convenient experience for end-consumers, whether they are planning, booking, or paying for a journey. Genfare’s payment solutions allow riders to pay with whatever is in their pocket across all transportation modes. The solutions also help agencies focus on improving operations and increasing system usage and revenue, which can be reinvested into the agency.

Genfare has heavily invested in hardware and software solutions to simplify payment processing for agencies. The payments solutions handle all security requirements and corporate agreements on behalf of clients and can be leveraged across all sales channels. Genfare’s recent solutions are modular, where the farebox from five years prior can be upgraded to accept contactless credit cards, mobile wallets, and mobile ticketing applications.
For older systems, the company has identified cost-effective roadmaps to guide agencies in upgrading to accept new payment methods.

With our extensive industry experience working with agencies of all sizes, we have become the go-to partner for any transit agency’s fare collection needs. Our solution is tailored to enhance their services while simplifying the riders’ experience

Genfare ensures an agency can leverage its all-inclusive solution to allow cash payments, mobile ticketing applications, smart cards, and contactless credit cards, reducing clutter and speeding up boarding times. Genfare’s full solution allows clients to reap benefits from quarterly release cadences, where new features requested by agencies are constantly added to its software. Staying abreast with industry developments, it supports every new payment technology that transit agencies adopt.

In its strides to modernize fare management, Genfare has successfully assisted many agencies and communities. In one such instance, the company worked with an urban community in south Florida that was struggling with modernizing its legacy fare collection system. This particular community was accustomed to leveraging digital payments and serving cash-preferred riders. Genfare, in the phase 1 of the engagement, offered a tailored solution with cash, smart card, and mobile options while also retiring magnetic stripe tickets. It distributed smart cards via libraries and ticket vending machines. After a successful implementation and adoption, the community is now upgrading their system to accept contactless cards on board.

Having scripted many successes, the company has the ability to drive equitable mobility for clients and has fare collection equipment installed at over 400 transit agencies in North America, supported by a skillful team. Genfare has also built strong ties with its suppliers, many of whom are Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms, to ensure they have the tools and resources required to be successful. The company consistently strives to provide clients with Buy American compliant hardware and future-proof systems that will help continue Genfare’s legacy for the next 40 years and beyond.


Elk Grove Village, IL

Eric Kaled, President

Genfare makes a difference in the payment space by providing agencies with GenPay, a turnkey payment processing solution that allows transit riders to use digital payment technologies on a wide range of devices (farebox, mobile app, TVM) to make mobility payments.