Genius Avenue: An Intelligent Data Integration Platform for Benefits Industry and Beyond

Ben Rozum, President
Data integration acts as an enabler of highly valuable business activities within benefits marketplace including associations, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, managing general underwriters and product providers. However, often the legacy systems used by these organizations affect their data integration strategies. In a scenario where real-time integration of data is indispensible for the benefits industry, Genius Avenue, through its API-based solution, enables automated web service calls for capturing data to support omni-channel data points. “By using our solution, clients can efficiently perform all the required operations through effective data management with appropriate levels of analytics and business intelligence,” says Ben Rozum, President, Genius Avenue. “In addition, strong security is architected into the Genius Avenue’s offering in order to manage its multi-tenancy aspects and protect clients’ data.”

Originally focused in the benefits marketplace, Genius Avenue helps clients efficiently manage all data integration-related processes by taking on services on their behalf as their outsource partner. The company provides a complete outsourced solution for enrollment, communication, and administration using an intelligent e-commerce platform for benefits, services, and products based on its 3eG technology.

It is this same platform and technology that can be applicable outside of the benefits industry for companies looking to market/ sell product and/or engage with population of people through key marketing and product information. It offers multiple methods to collect data based on the clients’ volume and technical sophistication level. 3eG handles data quality and complex business rules to manage this data collection, as well as the various benefits on the platform and the members’ lifecycle. Automated packages and APIs are administered through the 3eG platform to simplify the process for account representatives and allow the end-users to manage by exception.

“By partnering with Genius Avenue to handle these business functions, rather than buying, licensing, or managing complex software, companies can focus on their core mission,” remarks Rozum.

Strong security is architected into the Genius Avenue offering in order to manage its multi-tenancy aspects and protect clients’ data

“Our differentiator lies not necessarily in the individual services that we provide, but rather in our aggregated approach of being an outsource partner for technology, administration, and marketing services for the benefits marketplace.” While the aggregation of services offers a unique value proposition in the marketplace, the company’s customer-centric approach solidifies their competitive advantage.

Considering the benefits marketplace, Genius Avenue has a proven experience in helping their clients launch their product offerings in alternative vertical markets. In one such instance, Genius Avenue helped a U.S. based telephonic health provider who struggled with their benefit administration mainly due to data collection, ongoing data management, and integration with downstream providers. “By leveraging our technology platform and standardized administrative processes, the client was able to efficiently offer their product in the small to mid-sized employer market without putting any added strain on their current model,” elaborates Rozum. Genius Avenue enabled the customer to reduce their expenditure by over 25 percent, as well as improve the time-to-market from weeks to minutes. Genius Avenue’s 3eG platform allowed the client and its employer groups to focus on their business rather than resolving the complex and technical challenges existing in the back end of benefit administration.

Stating the firm’s future goals, Rozum says, “We will continue to build on our core functionality and service offering for the benefits industry, as the market is looking for the aggregated approach that Genius Avenue offers.” Focused at fulfilling their clients’ requirement, Genius Avenue will enhance data analytics and self-service capabilities for their end-users. In addition, “We will expand our reach to companies outside the benefits industry,” concludes Rozum.

Genius Avenue

Scottsdale, AZ

Ben Rozum, President

Provider of an intelligent e-commerce platform for benefits, services, and products