Genscape: Delivering Timely Monitoring and Intelligence

Deirdre Alphenaar, Chief R&D Officer
An oil pipeline typically runs hundreds and thousands of miles, covering a vast network of oil fields, pumping stations, refineries, and storage, as it navigates from point A to point B. The labyrinth of pipelines makes it difficult for organizations to monitor the production, transportation, storage, and refining processes, but Genscape, a pioneer and innovator that has developed a near-real-time pipeline-monitoring product that operates remotely, is demystifying this process. “What steers Genscape ahead of the competition is that our solution can, for example, monitor a refinery without going inside its fence, in an entirely independent manner,” says Deirdre Alphenaar, Chief R&D Officer at Genscape.

Proprietary and patented monitoring technologies form the backbone of Genscape’s oil market services, providing unbiased, directly-measured market data for analysis. The firm derives unique operational and competitive intelligence from the data collected from their proprietary network of sensors deployed worldwide. And the entrenched uniqueness, as Deirdre mentions, is that the firm uses remotely-deployed physical sensors to collect data, which is not common in market information delivery, especially with its ground-based sensors—an exclusive angle that Genscape brings to the table. This combination of public and proprietary data is then used by a team of in-house market experts and analysts to convert into valuable and actionable insights.

Armed with information about the disruption in supply, demand, and ultimately price, Genscape caters its solutions to a range of different market participants, such as traders, analysts, marketers, and portfolio managers. With the valuable insights that Genscape provides, they can enhance the accuracy of in-house analytics, improve decision-making for capital investments, identify new trading opportunities, and increase operational efficiency.

Genscape’s products and services follow the oil supply lifecycle from forecasted production through transportation on pipelines and ships, to its delivery at key refineries or storage facilities. Monitoring coverage includes production and capacity, storage inventory levels and capacity, and transportation flows.

Genscape monitors a refinery without going inside its fence and in a completely independent manner

This fundamental data removes much of the uncertainty inherent in the market that otherwise relies on speculation, estimates, or delayed public data. The firm covers a majority of the oil and gas pipelines in the U.S., which includes 80 U.S. pipelines in the oil space and a large number of refineries, with more than 4,000 monitoring systems.

Furthermore, Genscape also delivers a comprehensive and accurate global shipping data feed. With thousands of land-based sensors and satellite vessel-tracking data injected into Genscape Vesseltracker’s unique auto-cleanse or auto-correct algorithms, traders and analysts can access highly accurate, near-real-time vessel or class-type shipping data and a master database of ships, ports, and distances, completing the global picture. Genscape Vesseltracker currently runs one of the largest privately owned Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver networks, combined with the largest AIS satellite constellation tracking over 144,000 vessels daily in near-real-time.

Deirdre believes that Genscape is in a great position to build a comprehensive and holistic oil and gas supply-and-demand model, given their ability to monitor thousands of pipelines and visibility into near-real-time transport. With a presence in 16 countries worldwide, Genscape will continue to expand globally and augment its interconnected networks. The firm has the capability to sample data for everything, from storage and refineries to ship counts, and is not limited in their ability to cover even broader global footprints using the next level of satellite signal technology. Deirdre concludes, “The increasing explosion of satellite data will essentially allow us to monitor fundamental market data globally, enabling us to get all the data in real time from all corners of the planet.”


Louisville, KY

Deirdre Alphenaar, Chief R&D Officer

Genscape measures market fundamentals using thousands of patented and proprietary land, sea, and satellite monitors strategically deployed worldwide