Gensuite LLC: Turning Risk and Compliance Needs into Actionable Processes

R. Mukund, Founder & CEO
Today, the chemical industry is going through an enormous transformation driven by digital discovery, manufacturing, and material innovations. The industry is becoming increasingly sensitive and responsive to the growing number of public concerns regarding the use of chemical products. Chemical firms must comply with regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and instill Environmental Health and Safety standards like ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Coupled with the rapid technological advances and core research and expertise, manufacturers are finding new ways to improve their processes and ensure compliance with quality and safety initiatives.

“Organizations today experience several complex decision-making challenges revolving around Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) IT solutions,” says R. Mukund, CEO and Founder, Gensuite. “Firms are on the lookout for solutions to manage chemical substances and ensure compliance with detailed regulatory requirements to protect the safety of employees and the environment.” Enter Gensuite, offering a cloud-based solutions suite for organizational functions to manage risk and achieve compliance.

The company’s functionally-integrated and intuitive applications, available for rapid deployment and immediate ROI, help organizations to focus on service excellence and continuous evolution enabling compliance and EHS excellence. As a result of over 12 years of Six Sigma EHS digitization innovation, Gensuite now consists of over 60 modules spanning the entire EHS spectrum. Additional modules serve functions such as sustainability, quality, compliance, security, and sourcing. “Gensuite offers a system-and services-based solution designed to tackle immediate requirements, and that remains versatile enough to accommodate future needs,” adds Mukund.

Providing Safety and Sustainability

Gensuite delivers a flexible platform that provides services ranging from hosting, maintenance, support, and customization to implementation, strategy consulting, and continuous product evolution. “We also specialize in providing program support for EHS, sustainability, quality, security management, responsible sourcing, and product compliance to help businesses attain operational excellence,” says Mukund. “Gensuite’s working strategy allows us to leverage not only our own commitment to continuously evolve and improve, but to also cater to the subscribers own vested interest in driving those improvements and the evolutionary and revolutionary changes.” For example, in the chemical industry, the company has a number of different subscribers who communicate on an ongoing basis and identify certain themes and areas where attention is needed. This collaboration helps the company bring ideas together, understand various organizations in the market, and build a solution that the clients can plug into their existing system.

A Gensuite subscriber, a fast growing business with surface mining, railroad, sales, and office locations, needed an EHS Management System to enable management of regulatory compliance requirements and continuously evolving regulatory and business drivers with the ability to integrate with company expectations. Within 6 weeks Gensuite developed and deployed an intuitive, mobile-friendly solution for all employees within the business. This solution now helps the client to drive accountability and visibility across the enterprise, empowers site teams with the tools to get their job done, increases employee engagement, and manages metrics reporting.

For over a decade, “We have been working systematically with various functional areas, including quality, supplier risk, product compliance, and IT risk management,” mentions Mukund.

We specialize in providing IT solutions and services for EHS, sustainability, quality, security management, responsible sourcing, and product compliance to help businesses attain operational excellence

Gensuite’s approach has always been to provide a solution that enables operational excellence and quick Return on Investment (ROI) within 4 to 6 weeks. “That’s where we have been focusing from a chemical technology perspective,” adds Mukund. Gensuite’s new READYTM option, a pre-configured solution, facilitates this quick ROI. READY’s plug-and-play design is perfect for one (or more) sites in any size enterprise to launch an affordable solution in as quickly as 2 – 4 weeks.

To keep pace with the evolving digital trends in the chemical technology arena, Gensuite has heavily invested in mobile-centric applications. Their mobile platform helps users drive employee engagement, operational excellence, and risk management by collecting data from different sources. “Our tool eases the entire process of gaining data insight,” explains Mukund. It is integrated with several applications like action tracking and concern reporting that enable users to understand the site and business safety and environmental program priorities.

Mukund believes organizations need a holistic IT system that not only lets the customers know about the potential risks, but also every milestone achieved in the process. “Gensuite provides solutions that help stakeholders and process managers in their daily work, while briefing the management about the development at various locations through one solution,” expounds Mukund.

A Customer-centric Approach

One of the unique aspects of Gensuite is their dedicated approach to businesses facilitating one-on-one interaction and maintaining relationship continuity. “We are proactive and responsive to our customers’ feedback,” says Mukund. “The Gensuite team has been instrumental to my business by helping me get Gensuite up and off the ground and continuing to allow us to input on its growth. They’ve been a big help!” states a Gensuite subscriber.

Gensuite’s uniqueness lies in its ability to provide a quick mechanism to address their clients’ challenges both from product and services perspectives. “The ‘breadth and depth’ of our application suite is our biggest differentiator in the market,” elucidates Mukund.

“In the road ahead, we aim to innovate and build our capabilities technology-wise, across several different areas, to help our subscribers leverage more newly developed technologies like Mobile, data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), even wearables,” explains Mukund. Gensuite is also working toward further developing their platform into a comprehensive, enterprise risk management suite. “We look forward to developing our platform to standardize and measure other global risk programs, while continuing to enhance our support for environmental and safety data analysis and improvements,” concludes Mukund.

Gensuite LLC

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R. Mukund, Founder & CEO

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