Genwi: Ideal Technology for Active Customer Engagement

Rahul Patel, CEO
From a technological perspective, organizations analyze the effects of streamlining time-consuming business practices and deciphering Big Data to make big profits. There’s an entire crowd of entrepreneurs shouting over each other, each hoping to broadcast their message louder than their peers. It becomes necessary for entrepreneurs to utilize any advantage that can be found, improving their products, working to create synergy between departments, and striving for an optimal balance in every facet of what they do. Salesforce, a brilliant piece of CRM software, facilitates this. But what about the message? Could a sales rep speak over a crowd without even raising his voice?

Genwi integrates with Salesforce for tracking and customer engagement. Its focus is on buyer-engagement— helping sales representatives understand the unique needs of unique buyers. It does this through recommending the right content at the right time based on what’s known about them. Sales reps are able to access and share content, aggregated from across the enterprise, to educate prospective buyers on what their organization has to offer. Regardless of the results, Genwi allows sales reps to customize and comment on each piece of content.

“The challenge is to really create this concept around content effectiveness, so that content creation is optimized and engagement with the prospect is meaningful,” says Rahul Patel, CEO, Genwi. “We offer out-of-the-box functionality to be utilized in B2B scenarios.” Their Salesforce solutions help content owners reach the sales people who are capable of delivering the right content to the right organization, ensuring an optimal flow of information from content owners to the prospective buyers.

There are multiple advantages that one signs up for when using Genwi in conjunction with Salesforce. For one, its services are cloud-based and compatible with mobile and Google Apps.

We offer out-of-thebox functionality to be utilized in B2B scenarios

“Secondly, it’s extremely organized. If you’re a sales rep who’s managing 15 accounts, you can view all 15 dialogues or single them out in the context of each opportunity,” explains Patel. “Sales reps can view content interactions and leave comments and feedback for the marketing team.” Aside from mobile functionality, Genwi’s Salesforce solution exposes content relevant content recommendations from within the lead or contact record.

Western Union’s case study is perhaps one of the best examples of Genwi’s solutions in their element. When communicating with partners about exchange rates proved to be time consuming and costly due to the requirement of a call center, Genwi was hired to create an easy-to-use alternative. What they came up with was a mobile app that resulted in Western Union appointing agents who’d use the app to communicate about information and rate negotiations. The process was automated through the app, resulting in a reduced cost of operations, a quicker process and an overall more effective manner of communicating.

Whether they’re streamlining content distribution or tracking content interactions, Genwi arms its customers with the intelligence to engage their prospects effectively. Genwi wants to create a content cloud that serves as a platform to do content distribution and engagement across the audiences of clientele everywhere. “I think there is a lot to be done to really create systems of engagement, which are, in my view, being made more powerful and business-effective than a lot of systems,” concludes Patel. “These systems are necessary, but don't go far enough.”


San Jose, CA

Rahul Patel, CEO

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