geoAMPS: Real-Time Project Updates for Improved Operational Efficiency

Yogesh Khandelwal, President & CEO
Companies in the utilities arena are looking for cost effective and comprehensive data management solutions to deal with the copious amounts of incoming data. While collecting data is becoming simpler due to developments in data storage techniques, the challenge lies in managing the data, given its dynamic nature. In order to ensure data accuracy to make key business decisions, CIOs today are keen on investing in monitoring and standardizing all data entry formats for better results. Catering to these impediments, Powell, OH-based geoAMPS provides a centralized record management system where companies can store all its data, facilitating easier data access. geoAMPS offers a suite of products for effective data management. “This not only helps companies cut down the costs, but also drives the adoption of geoAMPS from the utilities,” explains Yogesh Khandelwal, President and CEO, geoAMPS.

Khandelwal further elucidates that the company offers cloud-based solutions to their customers. “Our solutions are very appealing to clients because there is no huge upfront cost,” he states. geoAMPS’s solution rowAMPS is software that manages right-of-way projects by utilities and other industries. It provides real-time project updates and enables vendors to enter data in a single place. It also helps manage workflows and track negotiations.

The company’s clients regularly work with different land brokerage firms to accumulate data. Oftentimes, clients end up with data in four different formats along with the necessity to manage them. From a real-time reporting standpoint, geoAMPS analyzes the incoming reports and data points that reveal how things are progressing across various companies. “Our solution suite ensures that the data is collected in a consistent format. Without having a third person to explain the progress, companies can experience an easy shift from acquisition to operation,” he adds.

Moreover, the company provides a data migration approach for clients— data migration involves transferring historical information from various sources and formats into a single software solution.

Our solution suite ensures that the data is collected in a consistent format

geoAMPS migrates all of the customer’s paper records, maps, photos, jpg files, pdf files, Word files, spreadsheets and other data into a centralized Web database and in one format. geoAMPS achieves this with little to no interruption to the customer’s daily operations This is a highly desirable component of the geoAMPS solution.

Built on scalability and integrity, geoAMPS’s enterprise solutions have helped several clients over the years in solving their challenges in the utilities landscape. For instance, a client was managing a large amount of payments and had to ensure data accuracy. Any errors in the payments would invalidate the leases and would result in adverse financial consequences. In order to provide an effective solution to this challenge, the company offered its geoAMPS solution. “We provided the software and services to migrate their data and information into our solution,” asserts Khandelwal. Post-implementation, it was found that geoAMS consistently provided the client with accurate data along with additional benefits like data centralization.

Though geoAMPS started with a vision to provide a solution that was tied to a specific part of the business, over the course of time the company made significant contributions in creation, standardization, and centralization of data in the utilities space. Going forward, in terms of growth, “we have identified 11 verticals and 11 products that we are ready to deliver. With regard to geographic expansion, we envision being a global company and plan to expand our footprint to different locations,” Khandelwal concludes.


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Yogesh Khandelwal, President & CEO

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