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Alastair Jenkins, President & CEO
Geospatial mapping, remote sensing and surveying are no longer as expensive or as timeconsuming as they once were. By using state-of-the-art technology and expert analysis industries such as electric utilities, pipelines, railroads, forestry, highways and telecommunications can obtain accurate and detailed, 2D and 3D surveying and mapping at a lower cost than traditional methods.

GeoDigital International, Inc. founded in 2005 and headquartered in Hamilton, ON provides superior geospatial information and asset management solutions to a broad range of clientele in multiple countries, including various levels of government, military and private clients. The firm is built on the belief that the best available technology should be used to achieve accurate and timely results in a manner that is easy to access and use.

To fulfill its customers’ needs quickly and efficiently GeoDigital dispatches helicopters with field crews, cameras, and other remote sensing equipment as needed to acquire the images and other data required to develop and deliver geospatial intelligence that is actionable. GeoDigital embraces innovation; helping it to be named one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Deloitte Technology for the second consecutive year.

The services provided by GeoDigital enable their customers to save time, lower the costs of maintenance and improve reliability while meeting regulatory reporting requirementsGeoDigital supports electric utilities’ vegetation management services, highway & roads, railway, pipeline, telecom and related industries.

The company is continually seeking new ways to leverage their expertise, technological capabilities, and corporate infrastructure to expand and increase their revenue base. GeoDigital’s turnkey asset management solutions help customers track asset status, design and develop work packages, communicate with mobileworkforces and also maintain a detailed transaction history for each asset. Airborne inspection, asset mapping, infraredinspection, engineering and vegetation LiDAR surveys are other prominent services of the firm.

GeoDigital International is considered to be a leader in LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging) with custom LiDAR systems being flown in the United States, Canada and internationally.
The latest sensor to be added to the inventory is the cutting-edge Riegl LMS-Q1560, which will provide the ability to acquire ultrawide and ultra-high resolution images in urban environments to provide the accurate mapping of urban environments necessary to create the 3D city models used in today’s GIS and corporate information systems.

In addition to LiDAR some of the other advanced technologies used by GeoDigital include infrared inspections, which map the thermal patterns on the surfaces of objects; asset mapping using a laser system with ultra high resolution imaging to detect asset defects; and oblique imagery, which is aerial photography taken at a 45 degree angle to the ground so that customers can see objects and terrain from the side view as well looking straight down.

“I think the future of our industry will no longer be about mapping as we have known it, but sophisticated, personalized location - based services,” says Alastair Jenkins, President and CEO. “We will each have access to the world in 3D -online, available anywhere, any time with automated wearable computers, driverless cars, 3D search, automated construction and of course the next generation of survey and mapping sensors,” our goal is to create and make available the software and information solutions to allow business to leverage and access their own “Big Data”in the context of location – to see the datain the context of the 3D world.

GeoDigital is deeply involved as a trusted business partner with the operations planning and strategic development of its clients. This unique approach has helped them to be engaged with a wide range of clients. Duke Energy, Teshmont, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy are just some of the prominent utility customers of the firm.

GeoDigital continually invests in new technologies that increase the value of its industry leading geospatial asset management services. In a world market that values faster, more reliable decision making, mobile communication and return on investment GeoDigital stands out as a preferred business partner who delivers long term results.

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GeoDigital International

Hamilton, ON

Alastair Jenkins, President & CEO

Leader in LiDAR and imaging technology for engineering surveys