Geopointe: Territory Management Optimized

Scott Hemmeter, CEO
For any organization to be lucrative, it is crucial that they zero in on their target market to augment their sales. However, locating relevant prospects across a vast area is a task in itself. Consequently, several enterprises tend to miss out on many prospects which adversely affects their business in the long run. With a view to tackle this challenge, Geopointe comes to the fore with its geo-mapping application that location-enables Salesforce, providing actionable insights to customers’ business processes.

Geopointe offers its services primarily to three divisions— sales, marketing, and operations. “A key use case of our application in field sales,” asserts Geopointe’s CEO, Scott Hemmeter, “is making a salesperson’s day more efficient.” The Geopointe application can track any Salesforce data around the globe using high-level visualization and filtering options. Sales executives use Geopointe for territory planning while their reps and managers use Geopointe to implement their daily activities, mapping their territory, creating routes, and executing their travel whether on a mobile device or their laptop. Meanwhile, marketing executives use Geopointe to create geographically targeted campaigns and analyze campaign results to identify trends and areas for opportunity.

Likewise, in terms of operations and services, the Geopointe application comes in handy while measuring client retention by geographic regions. With this function, one can easily trace areas that might be deprived of services or areas with the highest customer density and reach out to them correspondingly. “We are helping organizations geographically tie together business processes in a visual manner,” highlights Hemmeter.

The CEO elaborates on Geopointe’s gamut of features— geographic searching, routing and optimization, mass updating of Salesforce data, the add to campaign action, heat and thematic mapping, and inline editing—that facilitate a range of capabilities from discovering local leads to optimizing travel plans. What makes Geopointe stand out in the ocean of competing firms is its highly customized array of offerings, specially crafted for geographic data mapping.

We are helping organizations geographically tie together business processes in a visual manner

Its user-friendly application can fit into any business process—big or small—at the click of a button. Moreover, using Geopointe within Salesforce1 (SF1) grants users access to everything they need—routing features, check-in/out capabilities, and data set search options—natively running inside SF1.

Much to their customer’s delight, Geopointe also offers a trial period for customers to experience the application before a commitment needs to be made.

Owing to these cus tomer-focused services, several companies today are approaching Geopointe for better sales upshot. To cite an instance, a door-to-door service provider was on the lookout for a functional and location-driven tool to streamline their business process, while cutting down on time and expenses. Geopointe came to their rescue by providing the tools to navigate to the right customers at the right place and maximize their ROI. “Our goal is to make our customers as self-sufficient as possible by identifying a team of key people in their organization and empowering them to manage the application day to day. Our Customer Success team is then there to support and educate them,” points out Hemmeter.

Talking about Geopointe’s client relationship, the CEO favors value-oriented partnerships with customers as opposed to a mere client-vendor alliance. Going forward, Hemmeter intends to integrate newer, more advanced features into the Geopointe application. Most importantly, “Our success is driven by our customer’s success. Geopointe provides capabilities, tightly integrated with Salesforce, that enable our customers to be successful. The new capabilities we develop are always driven by customer need,” concludes Hemmeter.


Orange, CA

Scott Hemmeter, CEO

A customized geo-mapping application that location-enables Salesforce thereby providing actionable insights to customers’ business processes