GEOS Safety Solutions: Intelligent "People-Aware" EAM Solution Stack

Mark Garver, CEO
“When it comes to security, it’s not just about places and things, it is about people using things in various places, and how to monitor and protect them,” begins Mark Garver, the CEO of Texas-based GEOS Safety Solutions. Garver’s statement implies that the approach to implementing asset management solutions ought to be multi-pronged: one that considers people along with tangible assets as two sides of the same coin. The very track-record of GEOS lies along the lines of this notion. The company, which started ten years ago, offering personal safety and security solutions to clients, has over the years integrated a large suite of offerings into their EAM solutions by understanding the looming predicaments in the asset management space first hand, based on their interactions with businesses.

One of the biggest challenges for companies today in reaching their EAM goals lies in equating its various “variables” with the “people,” and “compliance” factors. For instance, siloed product deployments for monitoring particular assets do not integrate with other systems meant to monitor their usage or even the people using them. This in itself steals away the very bird’s eye view that EAM is meant to impart and in turn adds to complexities in monitoring organizational workflow and workforce. Another big challenge in the space is being “globally aware” as a company. What works in one geography may not work in another.

With an arsenal of integrated solutions to match any type of asset that their customers are using, GEOS offers straightforward EAM as a cloud-based service. GEOS Global Safety Fusion Center is the heart of the company’s Asset Safety and Security Assurance offering. The Fusion Center allows customers to integrate and monitor various types of assets, thereby providing a single global view of a company’s entire asset safety and security status in real time. There are unique views, rules, and relationships that can be configured to best mitigate any risk against each type of asset, from equipment monitoring to campus safety to traveling employees.
The success story of a multinational company based in Canada serves as the perfect example of GEOS’ all-round EAM delivery capabilities. The client needed to combine remote worker monitoring (duty-of-care) with a mobile asset monitoring system; they were looking for a method to establish a relationship between a worker, a piece of equipment, and geographic location. Misuse of equipment that even leads to theft was one among the many biggest pain points they had faced. GEOS’ Fusion Center allowed them to track where the equipment was, when it moved, and by which employee. If it was moved at the wrong time of day or moved outside of the worksite, an alert was generated to the GEOS 24x7 monitoring center, as well as the distribution list at the company. The solution utilized both satellite and cellular-based tracking and monitoring systems for both the equipment and for the remote workers, and additionally featured SOS capabilities for the remote worker.

When it comes to security, it’s not just about places and things, it is about people using things in various places, and how to monitor and protect them

GEOS’ clients range across small and global corporations from a variety of industries—utilities, transport, healthcare, and even educational institutes. The company continues to align itself best in terms of the dynamic needs of their client base as well as market trends. GEOS will soon roll out additional features that will all be a part of its Global Safety solution. “Our new products will focus on areas of critical event notification, real-time global incident monitoring that will trigger rules and relationship modifications to keep assets safe, based on events occurring in proximity to where they are located or may be heading,” concludes Garver.

GEOS Safety Solutions

Montgomery, TX

Mark Garver, CEO

With an arsenal of integrated solutions to match any type of asset, GEOS offers straightforward EAM as a cloud based service

GEOS Safety Solutions