Geospatial Corporation (OTCMKTS: GSPH): Total Solutions for Underground Asset Management

“The economic and social benefit gained through accurately locating, mapping and managing the world’s underground infrastructure assets in a systematic fashion is huge,” begins Mark Smith, CEO at Geospatial Corporation. To accomplish this, Geospatial Corporation has developed a comprehensive suite of technologies capable of gathering accurate 3D positional data on most underground or underwater pipelines via its cloud portal. The Sarver, PA based firm provides technologies to map all infrastructure including oil and gas pipelines, water, sanitary, pressurized and non-pressurized, metallic, non-metallic, fiberglass, plastic, electrical, CATV, telephone, steel, ductile iron and much more. GeoUnderground—the company’s powerful Cloud-Based (GIS) geographic information system database enables users to view and utilize 3D pipeline mapping information securely from any desktop or mobile device.

“GeoUnderground brings enterprise GIS capabilities and a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to the worker at the jobsite,” cites Smith. Designed around the Google Maps API and Google Maps Engine, GeoUnderground is available for licensed users to help them collect data and create highly accurate 3D maps and models of both above-ground and below-ground with it accurate x, y, and z coordinates. The created data can be further viewed and shared in a secure manner with their peers and associates anywhere in the world through a conventional browser via Cloud. Smith states, “The launch of our GeoUnderground Android App is just one more step in transforming Geospatial into a major data management and software company with a strong position in the infrastructure management market.”

Adding further credence, is the release of GeoUnderground version 2.2 which contains Geo-Docs—a file-sharing platform within GeoUnderground. Geo- Docs stores, shares and manages geo-referenced video, photos, schedules, inspection documents, forms or any other information needed to complete a new construction project, a renovation or an asset management program instrumentally. “Our Release Version 2.2 has added the ability to import DWG files that were created with AutoCAD and contain spatial reference information,” asserts Smith.

Our Release Version 2.2 has added the ability to import DWG files that were created with AutoCAD and contain spatial reference information

Geospatial’s Smart Stack combined with Infrared, LIDAR & Microwave Technologies locates underground pipelines and to detect voids and leaks in various underground pipelines including oil, gas, water and most other materials. This Smart Stack sensor can be deployed on a walking device, on a van or ground-based vehicle or (ATV) All-Terrain Vehicle. It can also be deployed via a helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft or (UAV) un-manned aerial vehicle.

Furthermore, the firm’s Smart Probe In-Line Mapping System allows the Company to map various types of conduits and pipelines from 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) to 122 cm (48 inches) in diameter. As an example, Geospatial Corporation was called to accurately map 3300’ of a 24” diameter natural gas pipeline due to a highway expansion project in a metropolitan city. Precise, 3-D mapping of the pipeline, safety of the workers and residents was to be kept in mind along with minimizing the risk of damaging this active line during the construction. Geospatial with its Smart Probe took of the gas line service temporarily and enabled the mapping of this 3300’ section in proximity to a heavily trafficked series of highways at depths exceeding 21 feet. To its credit, Geospatial performed this mapping assignment in only one day.

The firm is staunched in providing technology in innovative ways focused heavily on future opportunities to provide infrastructure data to global initiatives such as The Internet of Things, Smart Cities and the critical rehabilitation of the deteriorated urban infrastructure.

Geospatial Corporation

Sarver, PA

Mark Smith Founder, Chairman & CEO

Provider of underground infrastructure location, mapping, and management software