GeoTechVision: Delivering Value through Innovative Spatial Technologies

Valrie Grant, Founder and Managing Director
“Geospatial intelligence is critical in addressing the problems of climate change, disaster management, resource management and economic development,” states Valrie Grant, Founder and Managing Director, GeoTechVision. There is an increased appreciation by both the government and major utility organizations as to the power of “where,” Valrie comments. “Many are looking to use enterprise GIS in their operations.” Amidst these increasing market demands and the growth of GIS, GeoTechVision is uniquely positioned to assist in developing data driven solutions that address the location based challenges faced by governments and organizations.

“We focus on ‘Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions!” emphasizes Valrie. For many years, GeoTechVision has been enabling Caribbean businesses, agencies, and government ministries to develop and effectively use spatial intelligence in critical decision making. “We have developed applications that enabled our clients to use geospatial technologies in their cross department operations,” she adds. Thus, various organization stakeholders can have instantaneous access to information, regardless of their location—and in effect driving better decision-making. On multiple occasions, the company has used geospatial technologies to transform paperbased environments, eliminating the problem of record loss, locating and managing the movement of large files. “Through GIS technologies, we have automated processes by creating an enterprise system that sees field crews using mobile devices to collect data which is fed into online geodatabase,” explains Valrie. The company’s clients use spatial technologies in applications such as infrastructure management, environmental monitoring, asset management, field force automation and cadastral management.

GeoTechVision’s analyst, database and enterprise GIS specialists have the competence to develop scalable databases and applications for clients. “Our deep knowledge of the business market and the technologies, combined with unparalleled professional expertise, allows GeoTechVision to offer reliable, affordable and customized services and solutions,” says Valrie. Additionally, having the technological vision to see trends and its impact on the market enables GeoTechVision to develop solutions that are best fit for various industries. The company makes a concerted effort to understand futuristic changes in technology—transitioning from one technology to another and being able to position solutions that capitalize on market shifts.

Our deep knowledge of the business market and the technologies, combined with unparalleled professional expertise, allows GeoTechVision to offer reliable, affordable and customized services and solutions

For instance, GeoTechVision is now focused on mobile technology and is developing innovative mobile solutions in the areas of asset management, inspection, and environmental monitoring. “We are marketing our own GeO™ tablet and are looking at porting mobile geospatial solutions for everyday field work,” reveals Valrie.

From small private business to large enterprises and government ministries, GeoTechVision’s contribution to the GIS landscape is extensive. The company created a Lifestyle Store Solution for LIME, one of the Caribbean’s biggest telecommunications providers. “In Jamaica, locating addresses in rural areas can be a challenge,” states Valrie. With GeoTechVision’s GIS web-based change solution, a service representative could have the clients pinpoint their exact home location and then use the application to determine if distribution points and services are accessible at the given location. “In Guyana, we have created a Shore Zone Management System for the Ministry of Public Works, which has enabled better monitoring and management of critical aspects of sea defence structures,” she adds.

Recognizing that web and mobile are pervasive and ubiquitous, GeoTechVision intends to create a dashboard customized to the Caribbean context that summarizes information in near real time—enabling managers to make effective decisions. “We will continue to explore further innovative uses of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Caribbean, while diversifying our offerings,” adds Valrie. The company will also be launching its GeoTechVision Academy, which is an integrated workproblem- based curriculum designed to help clients develop their ability while applying skills to a real life class project.


Kingston, Jamaica

Valrie Grant, Founder and Managing Director

Specializes in innovative spatial technologies and business ICT solutions.