Gerber Technology: Reshaping the Dynamics of the Fashion & Apparel and Flexible Materials Industries

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Karsten Newbury, CSO & Digital Officer
Digital transformation—driven by an influx of data—is creating big waves in the fashion & apparel industry, right from design & development through production and across the supply chain to marketing and sales. Driven by the end consumer, there has been a significant shift toward more personalized goods and thus there is a need to adopt on-demand, data-driven capabilities that will improve quality and eventually, profitability. In addition, through digital transformation, many companies will also increase the speed of their business processes with the ability to seamlessly pass data throughout the supply chain, reducing lead from weeks to as little as a few days.

Industry veteran and the CSO and Digital Officer at Gerber Technology, Karsten Newbury, asserts that the ever-changing trillion-dollar global fashion and apparel industry is challenged by the overproduction and wasteful distribution of manufactured clothing. With about 30 percent of the clothes produced never getting sold, and a large part of clothing being sold at high discounts, most companies still struggling with demand planning and perfecting the fit, big data takes center stage to put an end to this plight. Leading companies are leveraging data to satisfy end consumers and to address the various challenges with faster responsiveness, improved quality, quick production, reduced lead time and more sustainable practices.

At the forefront of this trend is Gerber Technology with its innovative hardware and software platform for automating and managing the product design & development and manufacturing process more effectively in the flexible materials industries. Flexible materials do not just include apparel but also upholstered furniture, automotive interiors, textile coverings, and even sports equipment. With its agile, cloud-based digital platform, the company helps users move faster in a cost-effective manner with the highest quality, right from product conception to completion.

Primarily, Gerber’s end-to-end platform helps companies improve the design and manufacturing processes by effectively managing and connecting their complete supply chain—from digital product development and production to retail and the end customer. Getting a personalized product with nearly instant delivery has now become a reality with the “digitally integrated supply chain” powered by Gerber Technology that spans PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), CAD (computer aided design), 3D (powerful visualization and simulation technology), IoT (Internet of Things enabled equipment) and cloud-based business analytics.

Our technology is as an enabler for digital transformation

Additionally, Gerber embraces integrating 3rd party systems, including applications such as Adobe Illustrator and TrueFit as well as other equipment such as digital printers, for a seamless customer workflow. End-to-end integration enables brands and manufacturers to reduce their time to market and optimize their supply chains to meet today’s end consumers’ “see now get now” demands. The streamlined integration of data helps create virtual samples that are focused on consumer fit. Gerber’s offerings empower users to have greater visibility and control around the data needed to design, develop, produce, and market industry-leading products at a constantly increasing rate.

The company’s new subscription offering provides affordable access to its products, while eliminating the need for long, painful upgrades. The offer includes “instant on” PLM software (YuniquePLM) and AccuMark, the industry-leading pattern design software with next generation 3D simulation technology. “Our technology is an enabler for transformation that is automating and advancing the world of fashion to make products easier to develop in an efficient and creative manner while significantly improving the end consumer experience and reducing the duplication of efforts, increasing speed, and minimizing the environmental impact of physical processes,” explains Elizabeth King, VP of Digital Strategy at Gerber Technology.

The company has an enriching history and commitment to match and exceed customers’ expectations by delivering the productivity solutions. “We gather input from customers in several ways – from the Gerber Technology Community, service and support teams, our annual ideation conference, and through feedback methods that are built into our applications. Based on their feedback, we have continually improved our existing offerings and increasingly we are leveraging data and machine learning to innovate and enable customers to transform in ways they couldn’t imagine before,” concludes Newbury.

Gerber Technology

Tolland, CT

Karsten Newbury, CSO & Digital Officer and Elizabeth King, VP of Digital Strategy

The company is a global leader in providing integrated hardware and software solutions to automate and more effectively manage the product design and manufacturing process in the fashion and flexible materials industries. With its agile, cloud-based digital platforms, the company helps brands and manufacturers move faster in a cost-effective manner with the highest quality, right from product conception to creation. Gerber delivers solutions that empower their customers to compete and thrive in today’s on-demand world

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