GHO Group: Technology Architects for Broadcast Media

Gary Olson, CEO
The broadcast and production industry is at the heart of a rapid transformation driven by a dramatic transition in technology, new platforms, emergence of new business models, and change in content viewing habits, among others. This transformation is reshaping the way media and entertainment companies provide unique products and solutions to adapt to the changing trends. There is a need of the hour is to find innovative ways by which media companies connect to the end-users and get the right content delivered through the right media. GHO Group, a U.S. company that provides strategic advice, consulting and solutions in technology planning and design, facility planning and design, and digital asset managementand other complex media technologies irrespective of the media platforms to address these changing trends.

While the media industry is facing numerous challenges posted by technology its adoption and the transition, it all boils down to managing how the technology works together enabling responsible people for the workflow of these technologies in terms of delivery onto multiple platforms. GHO Group with its ability to understand the myriad of complex technologies helps the media industry counter these bottlenecks by providing objective analysis and unbiased recommendations that help in the transition from concept to reality.

Broadband, mobile and every other delivery platform that exists has made a tremendous change in the media and entertainment industry. Gary Olson, CEO, GHO Group exclaims, “I spend considerable amount of time tracking these trends looking at what end users need in terms of content they want to watch, and how the technology supports what the end user wants while vendors and service providers support the delivery of those technologies.”

Incorporated as VDO Ltd., the company has evolved into the GHO Group. Olson says, “VDO was a company focused on broadcast engineering. Being an innovation driven company, it was an early adopter incorporating cross platform technologies in the initial stage of internet and internet delivered content. As the broadcast industry transitioned to computer centric content production and delivery, the company evolved into GHO Group focusing on IP and the transition into file based and IP broadcast and production technology.”

We help and guide our clients through the decision process of selecting the best technology and workflows, and develop it into a practical technology design and a budget that can be implemented. Taking Vision to Reality

GHO Group offers experienced, pragmatic and comprehensive consulting in the planning, budgeting and design of media, broadcast and production facilities and systems. “We help and guide our clients through the decision process in selecting the best technology and creating new workflows. This includes the technology design and budget,” said Olson. Digital asset management is at the core of file based workflow and media handling. GHO works closely with its clients to help them understand the value of meta data the integration into the media management monetization cycle.

With its unique ability and experience in handling complex media technologies of today, GHO Group was the lead designer and project manager helping United Nations (UN) in completely modernizing its media delivery, presentation, archiving and conferencing technology for its headquarters in New York. The company’s has a successful project portfolio of over US$100M. The company has designed global networks for gaming and satellite data delivery for computer imaging. The company’s cross platform knowledge in broadcast, broadband, IT and telecommunication are the key differentiating factors that set it apart. Recently, the US National Basketball Association (NBA), GHO was the technology architect and project manager for their new Instant Replay Center in New Jersey.

Moving ahead, GHO Group continues to track the trends and changes in broadcast and media production, media management and multi-platform delivery. Its goal is to help guide people and companies in the decision making process in the ever changing landscape of IP and file based technology while adopting new workflows.

GHO Group

New York, NY

Gary Olson, CEO

Provides consulting and solutions in broadcast technology planning and design, facility planning and design, and digital asset management and other complex media technologies

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