GIEOM: Digitization and Compliance Technology Trendsetter

John Santhosh, CEO
With banks deploying technology-intensive solutions, instant and better access to information and banking services is mostly via the digital channels. Ironically, customer service has not been at par with the advancement of technology. “Also, the quantum of information that an employee in a modern bank has to comprehend is increasing. Today, banks are in need of a change management tool which has built-in intelligence and collaboration mechanism that will help employees in becoming aware of the changes that take place in regulation, processes, and internal policies,” begins John Santhosh, CEO, GIEOM. Realizing the existence of this gap, a set of BFSI experts established GIEOM—Graphical Intelligence Electronic Operations Management. GIEOM software product intelligently links processes, policies, regulatory information, documentation, performance KPI’s and SLA’s, business controls and training.

“GIEOM is built on Microsoft stack and is available on Microsoft Azure cloud or deployed in any bank’s data center with mobile interface and Big Data analytics. We are leveraging the advancements in Graph DB for getting operational and transactional data together to find hidden patterns in banking operations,” claims Santhosh. GIEOM software is a comprehensive business excellence tool that enables user-friendly visualization of banking processes, simple notations, and language. GIEOM’s operational excellence module offers screen simulations of IT system and a repository of standard banking processes that can be managed easily.

The intelligent linkage of information related to Business Paths, Learning and Competency details, Regulatory Compliance Frameworks, and Performance Metrics within the GIEOM software product enables each stakeholder to quickly view the ripple effect triggered by changes in any of the elements. “We digitize internal policies and regulatory compliances in short, jargon-free, and simple text and deliver it using proprietary eBooks on the desktop and tablets,” he adds.

GIEOM’s Business Map functionality is able to provide each role in the organization to find the required information, in an uncluttered manner.
“The advantage of our map is its ability to isolate the impact of a change within an organization. The map is the core of the GIEOM software product,” says Santhosh.

By providing an intelligent analysis method for managers and the management, their map helps supervisors look at the entire branch back office, region or product line with a bird’s eye view. Furthermore, GIEOM introduces a comprehensive task management and task monitoring framework for compliance and competency, and regulations, bringing an integrated view for business functioning.

“Though errors in banking operations are minimal, most overwhelming errors are operator errors. We help to eliminate this by getting the operator to understand what he is doing, using our powerful tools,” says Tom Brown, Head of Strategic Accounts and U.S. Operations, GIEOM. For instance, as part of their transformation exercise, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) wanted employees across the departments to understand processes and collaborate effectively. MCB used a technical Business Process Management tool for process documentation. But, due to the technical nature of the output, business users were not able to comprehend it. GIEOM was then selected for its user-friendly visual representation. “Eventually, noticing the new approach that GIEOM provides, MCB even went to the extent of establishing a new company—Mauritius Commercial Bank Consulting Services, aiming to take GIEOM to various other banks in the world,” claims Santhosh.

With technology and geographical growth insights for the near future, GIEOM is planning to expand in the U.S. and OECD countries by incorporating innovative technologies like graph database-driven analysis and pattern matching, natural language processing, building Artificial Intelligence. “More than a banking software provider, GIEOM is a trendsetter in increasing speed of transaction, nullifying human error, and bringing ground-breaking technologies,” concludes Santhosh.


Bangalore, India

John Santhosh, CEO and Tom Brown, Head of Strategic Accounts & U.S. Operations

A comprehensive Business Excellence tool which allows businesses to manage changes to their Business Paths, Regulations and Policies, Skills and Competencies and Business Performance