Diego Cabezudo, CEO and Founder
The business process management (BPM) space has continued to evolve, between pushing the envelope with collaboration and low-code, to an expanded focus on data analytics and robotic process automation (RPA). All of this holds incredible promise for the digital transformation of businesses, but the value is not always realized if the wrong implementation partner is in place.

Celebrating their 10th anniversary within the Appian community, Macedon Technologies was founded by Austin Rosenfeld when he noticed a lack of true consulting expertise in the marketplace. Projects suffered due to too many cooks in the kitchen whereby Rosenfeld recognized that one multi-faceted person could easily perform the duties of multiple job titles and with more efficiency and excellence.

With this observation, Austin hand-selected a highly skilled team that excelled in hybrid roles, bringing both technical capabilities and high business acumen to the table. In other words, these team members were definitely “More than a Coder™”. This unique hiring and training philosophy has helped Macedon achieve 300+ successful Appian-centric engagements for 60+ clients across multiple industries.

The accomplishments of the company are unending where for one client, a large West Coast full-service bank, Macedon has engaged in over 40 successful Appian projects in just under five years. In five projects alone, the bank realized an ROI of over 20,000 man-hours per year. Due to the resounding excellence of the solutions provided, Macedon Technologies staffs the bank’s Center of Excellence, generates new applications, and provides ongoing sustainability work to ensure the longevity of business value from the production solutions.

Macedon maintains a library of exclusive accelerators and plugins to extend the already significant Appian functionality

How has Macedon Technologies provided such outstanding success so swiftly? “Leveraging the Appian platform brings highly desirable collaboration and low-code capabilities to the table immediately, but Macedon also maintains a library of exclusive accelerators and plugins to extend the already significant Appian functionality,” says Stacey Wright, director of delivery and talent management.

For example, Macedon Technologies’ Data Ninja application puts robust, real-time reporting and data manipulation in the hands of the business. This data analytics tool allows business users to save custom reports for themselves, share the reports with others who may hold common interests, and alter the reports as needed directly within the Appian production environment, all without writing any SQL or code. Likewise, Macedon Technologies has also seen increased interest in robotic process automation (RPA) with their clients. As one of the few Appian partners to have experience in this space, Macedon has RPA-certified Architects to bring their expertise to the table.

In the end, however, true success depends on adoption. Effective change management is extremely difficult, but Macedon Technologies has found one major key to user acceptance is usability. “An elegant, simple design is critical to success,” says Stacey.

Driven by significant successes across a wide variety of industries, Macedon Technologies has experienced extreme growth in the last two years, moving from a small-sized business to a medium-sized business over the last year and expanding to an office in Austin, Texas. Adding to their full-service offerings, Macedon is also now a leading reseller of the Appian platform. This growth plan continues into 2019 through not only a continued emphasis on very high quality, full-lifecycle Appian application development but also highlighting the related service offerings that help ensure fruitful applications with high return on investment.

This suite of services includes: strategic discovery sessions to identify the highest-value projects in a client’s pipeline; process engineering/harmonizing workshops; center of excellence, focusing on both the technical governance as well as advising overall program governance; platform installation/architecture and cloud migration recommendations; change management to ensure business acceptance and adoption of the new application; support and sustainability to extend the long-term value of the investment for the business.


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Diego Cabezudo, CEO and Founder

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