GigeNET: Delivering Dedicated Hosting & DDoS Protection

CIO Vendor The Internet has provided businesses across the world with a tool in which they can reach unprecedented growth and a broad audience they could never have reached 20 years ago. Since most companies now store and access their data and information via the internet, it has become subject to insecurity, scrutiny, and concern. Organizations today have become increasingly aware of threats initiated from the internet such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that can deter the online services they offer. Additionally, several other web vulnerabilities have surfaced, becoming a point of contention for business leaders, including large scale infiltrations, personal privacy, and security.

Founded in 1997, Ameen Pishdadi started with a mission to deliver the whole range of hosting products that any consumer would require to offload their IT needs. Now specializing in preventing DDoS attacks, GigeNET uses its tools, support, and expertise and ensures the businesses remain online at all times. In addition, GigeNET provides dedicated and cloud hosting, hybrid computing, and co-location solutions. The company also offers superior network performance, 100 percent uptime guaranteed and EPIC support from their datacenters across the country.
“We have been around since the first hosting companies have existed. We own and operate our own datacenter and network/fiber infrastructure, developing our own portal and automation software for our cloud services, and DDOS Security Services. We have a high performing and reliable network infrastructure that has not experienced a network wide outage in over six years,” says Ameen.

Offering Whole Range of Hosting Needs

GigeNET, headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, offers two unique DDoS protection services. The latest, Automated DDoS protection, "scrubs" incoming traffic, only passing legitimate requests to client’s servers. DDoS Proxyshield®,ideally suited for SMB’s, is the industry’s leading DDoS mitigation system and virtually wipes out even the largest attacks. For small and startup companies, GigeNET provides its services to fulfill their need of high performance servers on limited budgets. For clients looking for more robust solutions, GigeNET’s engineers can build complex hybrid solutions using combinations of all their products to meet client requirements. The company runs distinctive and lucrative partner programs, appealing to individuals, re-sellers, and commercial developers, including Affiliate, Re-seller, and Channel Partner Programs. GigeNET deliversa full cloud infrastructure backed by their support team who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its services include Hybrid Solution integration, their TurboIO storage platform, account Snapshots, API Integration, flexible billing options,and IPv6 support. Looking forward, the company is planning to open new locations, pioneer innovative technologies, and developing new products for current and future clients.


The firm offers a greater range of several critical services, including Proxyshield™ DDoS Protection, cloud servers, hybrid cluster solutions, co-location services, and dedicated servers.