GigTel: Unifying Communications across Businesses

Justin Clark, EVP, and COO
A solution that solves a problem is bound to succeed. That’s the reason when GigTel introduced its unified communications platform, it was onto something big. This platform reflects impressive years of experience and knowledge that the founding team of GigTel—a group company of 7 decades old telecommunications brand, Endeavor Communications—brings to the market. GigTel addresses the need to unify communication across organizations with its platform with a track record of delivering exceptional customer service to its clientele. GigTel’s foundation laid the next phase of evolution in the group company’s journey to address problems such as outdated technologies, moving from on-premises to the cloud, and other resource-related issues.

In an era where businesses have had to embrace working remotely, GigTel brings effective solutions and services to help them make these transitions while ensuring that their business doesn’t get interrupted. The company’s advanced unified communications platform enables teams to collaborate effectively across all mediums, from desktop to mobile, from any location. The firm makes it easy for businesses to add, remove, and manage users regardless of location. Most importantly, its platform can be integrated with clients’ CRMs and other business management tools, allowing easy access to data and, more precisely, one platform to manage all kinds of communications with employees and customers. GigTel’s solution ensures an industry leading 99.999 percent uptime and continuity in availability, which is critical for every organization today.

These capabilities have allowed the GigTel team to continually assist businesses in transitioning to the cloud. One such organization was in dire need of a unified communications platform as they were still using a legacy system even when 80 percent of their healthcare staff was already working remotely. Hence, the client needed a solution that provided staff reliable communication and call dispatching. GigTel offered them these functionalities using its app.
“It allowed their staff to use their cell phones, office phones, and the softphones on the laptops for communication,” says Justin Clark, Executive Vice President and COO at GigTel. The solution also improved efficiency in call dispatching, transferring calls to other extensions and even to call queues, delivering excellent service and supporting continuous business growth.

GigTel also extends its services through resellers, who white label them and further sell to their own end-users. For the GigTel team, it’s all about making the buying process and the use of its services a rewarding experience for the customers. To ensure this, the team makes onboarding a simple process wherein every client gets the dedicated support of technical and project management professionals. These professionals develop an in-depth understanding of the clients’ needs and analyze the scope of work. The team then ensures to meet all the deadlines throughout the project, addressing all the issues faced by the clients. Once onboarded, clients have access to unlimited, US-based support. Unlike other businesses in this space, GigTel performs a thorough “first bill review” for every customer. This allows the firm to abide by the same pricing initially quoted to the customer, which remains a major differentiator for GigTel.

GigTel’s simple pricing and its customer-centric approach have helped it come a long way in earning an impressive client base that spans North America

The company’s straightforward pricing and its customer-centric approach have helped it come a long way in earning an impressive client base that spans North America, adding to an already vast pool of customers associated with its parent company. Since the beginning, GigTel has been committed to its customers’ success and consistently upgrades its offerings to fulfill their needs.


Cloverdale, IN

Justin Clark, EVP, and COO

Offers a unified, cloud-based communication solution coupled with its extensive experience of 70 years in the telecommunications industry