GIMMAL: Leveraging Microsoft and SAP Together to Power Today's Information Driven Businesses

CIO VendorK.David Quackenbush, President
Information and collaboration are critical for efficient decision-making, but most information is still in documents stored in unmanaged locations or locked down in systems that aren’t easy to use. Not only are companies putting money back in their own pockets by optimizing the financial aspects of their information management, but they’re getting information to the right people faster by using Gimmal’s software and services to deploy solutions that tie enterprise content and records management on SharePoint with transactions in SAP—enabling them to operate more competitively.

In 2002, Gimmal founder Mike Alsup created the company with a focus on enterprise content management and a vision of Document-based implementations. Since then, Gimmal has deployed almost all of the major content systems and since 2007; the company has been intently focused on Microsoft and SharePoint. Gimmal built the only SharePoint pure, Department of Defense 5015.2 certified records management solution on SharePoint along with a full suite of governance and mobility solutions.

Gimmal acquired ERP-Link in 2011 to gain technology that allows clients to develop smart business solutions on SharePoint and SAP such as Invoice Processing, Accounts Receivable, Contracts Management, Manufacturing Quality and others. This enhanced Gimmal’s SharePoint-based solutions portfolio significantly, especially for the global enterprises running on SAP.

Today, SharePoint has become a de facto piece of enterprise architecture and SAP is considered a mature technology platform.This has caused a consolidation of solutions and capabilities with organizations standardizing on the SharePoint and SAP platforms.
Gimmal works with many global 1000 companies and legacy ECM systems, simplifying and reducing their architecture to these two key platforms and figuring out how much they can build around and extend those platforms as a core element going forward.“We also help clients deploy solutions in a BYOD context via our mobile platform and app-based delivery of solutions and information access. This gives them more cloud readiness,” says K.David Quackenbush, Gimmal’s President. Gimmal’s success is exemplified in a look at the success of one its clients. A large agribusiness that is a SharePoint customer wanted to evolve their

SharePoint infrastructure to incorporate Microsoft Cloud technology. Furthermore, they wanted to get return on investment through an accounts payable solution and let SharePoint users execute on basic SAP processes like approvals or to provide account codes. Gimmal worked jointly with Microsoft to show the customer how they could leverage SharePoint, then they implemented a SAP accounts payable solution that worked with Gimmal’s ERPLink Software for SharePoint and SAP that would run within the Microsoft Cloud and SharePoint Online to help reduce the IT and infrastructure burden, resulting in a huge and very fast ROI. Gimmal has an extensive history creating solutions in the energy marketplace, particularly Oil & Gas and Utilities. Their solutions also apply to insurers, chemical companies, financial services, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, life sciences and other verticals. They continue to innovate, with the accolade of being the first company to allow SAP customers to use Office 365 and SharePoint online as a Cloud ECM for SAP.

After working with many CEOs and executives who are the corporate champions for their enterprise content and records management programs, Gimmal places a high priority on keeping its clientele technically modern, which means applying the best of the newest technology to their solutions. The company will continue to invest in more Cloud/Office 365 deployments for their software and remain tightly integrated with the direction that Microsoft has with SharePoint and mobile.


K.David Quackenbush, President

Provides software and services that extend Microsoft SharePoint, connect SharePoint and SAP for business solutions, give users mobile access to their information and improve business processes to reduce cost