GinzaMetrics: Enterprise Content Marketing Intelligence

Ray Grieselhuber, CEO
A Chief Marketing Officer’s biggest challenge is to find ways to convert their strategic goals into actionable plans, backed by data, to create the right content and distribution. “CMOs look for the ability to measure, in both a comprehensive and predictive way, ROI on their content performance to understand exactly where it works and then to build an optimized marketing strategy for all channels,” says Ray Grieselhuber, CEO of GinzaMetrics.

Headquartered in San Francisco, GinzaMetrics provides actionable recommendations and analytics to marketing strategists, search marketers and content creators across the globe. Led by Ray Grieselhuber, the company brings the power of enterprise-class marketing expertise—sans the million dollar price tags—to a larger audience. Grieselhuber, who was the mastermind behind the first enterprise search intelligence platform, formed GinzaMetrics in 2010 to help businesses build authentic relationships with their customers through organic search and content marketing.

GinzaMetrics brings intelligence to enterprise content marketing and SEO

GinzaMetrics is an enterprise SaaS content marketing and SEO platform. The scalable platform provides insights and recommendations on markets, client sites, competitors and trends to brands, agencies and online retailers globally. GinzaMetrics works primarily with marketing strategists, SEO managers, content creators and agencies. “Each of these roles experience unique challenges and GinzaMetrics is the only product to solve these challenges in a single, easy to use platform,” claims Grieselhuber. The platform offers a suite of tools, which allows the marketers to create a distribution engine for driving traffic through organic search and social media.
It also suggests recommendations on various topics to be targeted, the traffic that can be acquired and the ways to optimize the content, before the data is published. In addition, the platform provides deep insights on the competitor’s daily activities, enabling marketers to understand the winning opportunity to steal the market share.

“We are looking at different ways to extend the usage of platform into various personas. To cater directly to the need of our audience, we are also launching additional layers,” says Grieselhuber.

The GinzaMetrics platform integrates with Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Google Webmaster Tools and other systems to solve various data management issues that plague marketing teams. The data collected from various platforms allows the tool to provide a holistic view of customer’s performance and suggest new opportunities to target on the go.

GinzaMetrics focuses on expanding the scope and scale of their data coverage into new markets, devices, marketing channels and networks. They do this because they can then use this coverage to build new product features and provide customers with a sense of security knowing that they are getting the best new ideas. The data platform that GinzaMetrics has built enables them to draw connections between search performance, site traffic, social engagement and content authority in ways that were previously not possible. From mid-to large-sized business, well-financed startups to Fortune 500, GinzaMetrics has a long list of clientele. For instance, Chegg, an online hub for students, has effectively used GinzaMetrics to optimize their product portfolio’s find ability on web.

Going forward, GinzaMetrics has plans to expand the level of data insight and intelligence that they provide to their customers. “GinzaMetrics has developed into a global product and the experience we gain from the case studies we’ve built with our customers is frequently the source of new product features. By moving faster than anybody else on the market, we’re literally building the next generation of marketing intelligence together with our customers,” concludes Grieselhuber.


San Francisco, CA

Ray Grieselhuber, CEO

Offers a content marketing and search intelligence platform that provides recommendations and competitor analytics to agencies and marketers.