GISinc: Unleashing the GIS Potential

Greg Harris, COO
Birmingham, AL-based Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISinc), a full-service GIS systems integrator and Esri Platinum Partner, identifies business problems across various markets (State and Local, Federal, and Private/ Commercial) then harnesses GIS technology to create solutions to solve those problems while creating insight. The company applies its technical leadership in GIS to the IoT realm by positioning themselves as a Geospatial IoT (GeoIoT™) integrator. GeoIoT is the intersection of location technology and the power to digitally transform an organization with the spatial analytics gained with IoT. This capability allows for increased or enhanced Space Utilization, Asset Tracking/Management, Occupant Management, Energy Management, Situational Awareness, and Analytics and Data Sciences. “We are experts in educating clients about the value of visualizing their data,” says Greg Harris, COO, GISinc. The company creates a holistic solution based on the rich inputs from IoT sensors and taps its GeoIoT Partner Ecosystem to provide turnkey solutions that include connected devices, location technology, monitoring, and data analytics. The ecosystem of partners provide solutions that empower GeoIoT in data aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

A case of the City of New Orleans (NOLA) authorities, stands as testimony to GISinc’s proficiency in untangling real-world intricacies with GIS data. While working on a separate GIS project, GISinc identified another challenge faced by the client; an opportunity for efficiency with the city’s mosquito eradication program and health corps. An army of citizen volunteers were preparing to manually track breeding grounds for mosquitoes such as standing water, abandoned tires, and containers. Every incubator of mosquito vectors was being manually noted and reported to the central office. However, the time span between information uploaded to the database and clearing the breeding ground was alarmingly chronic. GISinc enabled authorities to launch a mobile application gathering location details, photographs, map, and transmit them to ArcGIS server. Immediately, authorities could respond and dispatch proper resources, constrain expenditure for data collection, and address a wide array of complaints.

We are experts in educating clients about the value of visualizing the data

In their pursuit to provide the best solution for their client, GISinc’s GIS Healthcheck® and Jumpstart services play a pivotal role as it ascertains GIS readiness of its clients and delivers a quick win, respectively. The company collaborates with the client’s GIS project manager, checks system architecture, data format, and completeness of their Esri ArcGIS configuration. This ensures the client has access to powerful and pertinent tools in the Esri stack. To propel clients ahead, the company calibrates the tools and practices against the best trends in the market. Based on the in-depth analysis, the company identifies several quick win solutions that can propel their customers forward with the buy in required to sustain a GIS program. “The mission to harness GIS information drives businesses to deploy solutions and systems that would churn rich insights. GISinc provides jumpstart GIS services for helping clients to start, extend, and complement their existing GIS platforms without being overrun by massive GIS market information,” remarks Harris.

GISinc empowers businesses to transcend beyond the limits of conventional solutions and offers solutions like GISi SmartSite®, a web-based, location technology utilizing Esri platform, integrates with internal systems of the clients, aggregates their business data with third party datasets. The solution assists in incorporating demographic data in their tools and finalizing the best location for a retail store, commercial building, and other facilities.

GISinc recognizes the significance of big data and enables customers, who collect voluminous data from connected devices, to capture more business opportunities. GISinc aims to foray into the world of Smart Communities and trace a curve that originates with the resolution of simple real-life problems and ends with transformational projects.


Birmingham, AL

Greg Harris, COO

A full-service GIS Integrator providing value added solutions to solve business problems in a broad range of industries