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Meir Givon, Founder & CEO and Frederic Russo, SVP INFOR EAM for EMEA APAC at INFOR GLOBAL In the words of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Hungarian biochemist and Nobel laureate, innovation is all about, “looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” Questioning the status quo and thinking outside the box has been the hallmark of successful businesses.

In 2001, it was this vigor combined with an equal measure of intuition that provided Meir Givon the impetus to launch GIV Solutions and provide cutting-edge solutions to challenges in the EAM landscape. Its specialty lies in managing organizational business processes, project management, strategic consulting methodologies, change management, and integration while bringing together ground-breaking technologies and advanced business processes mainly in the world of EAM. GIV offers organizations a platform to progress and achieve milestones while seamlessly managing the in-house changes.

The company has carved a niche in the EAM space by providing world-class business management solutions and services. With Givon’s inspiring leadership, GIV has gained recognition for its work with Infor and Infor EAM - its advanced management system that supports lifecycle maintenance management and operations of assets and infrastructure while reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Building on Infor’s best practice EAM platform, GIV has developed vertical-specific solutions, incorporating comprehensive functionality and best practices for each industry. The Smart City Suite includes the award-wining smart city solution GIV-CITY™ and smart campus activities integrating learning, logistics, financial and resource utilization management solution GIV-CAMPUS™. Also included in the suite is the bridge, tunnel, and road management system GIV-BMS™, which is a part of their integrated road infrastructure operation and maintenance system GIV-RMS™.

As an Infor “Gold Plus Channel Partner” GIV has been the Infor EAM distributor in Israel since 2008. Since then GIV has been localizing, distributing, implementing, assimilating, and consulting on Infor EAM solutions while developing the market, the reputation and the customer base from zero to dozens of satisfied customers and successful references in a variety of industries. Befittingly, the company’s name subtly conveys their desire “to GIVe”—to constantly innovate and deliver unique experiences to customers through value-added services.

Wowing the Customer

The uniqueness of GIV echoes in its ability to work with the Infor EAM platform to serve globally with a predominant focus on Israel, where they are engaged in many projects. The flexibility of Infor EAM allows the company to overcome one of the main challenges, which is the localization of the solution to match the specific requirements of its customers in Israel. “Much like the nutcracker we can cope with the toughest challenges. Our compelling DNA is to address the customer challenges, crack them, and provide the customers with the cutting-edge solutions they require,” says Meir Givon, CEO and Founder of GIV Solutions.

Our compelling DNA is to address the customer challenges, crack them, and provide the customers with the cutting-edge solutions they require

“Our way is to have a long-term relationship with our customers, enabling growth, performance increase, and on-going improvement over our mutual journey.”

The results speak for themselves. Customers are choosing GIV repeatedly for new and additional projects and act as best references and recommenders for others. Because of this personalized approach, GIV has had an extremely high success rate in their projects while delivering turnkey projects according to time, on budget with full defined functionality, and reaching the customer satisfaction.

The company never fails to push to the level of functionality in terms of requirements for a project to be successful. In doing so, GIV shines brighter among other vendors because of their emphasis on simulation and training, which accompanies their products across every project. GIV also keeps in mind that a client would need change management to help employees embrace the change of software. Understanding its importance, the company has experts with more than 30 years of change management expertise to make the process of migrating to a different software system easier. Because, for Givon, “The company successfully manages to meet functional requirements that bring the customer to business differentiation and answer its core processes in a way that is innovative and creates a high added value for the customer.”

GIV hands over the reins after completion of the project, but helps to continually improve, by adding KPI rules, reports, business rules, escalations, alerts, enabling continuous improvement of the system, all of which are configured as a tool of the system. All operations are carried out in the system’s tools and enable a natural, simple upgrade.

Success at Every Turn

In keeping up with their customers’ requirements, GIV has not shied away from the industry trends, among which the move to the cloud is the most prominent along with data security. Now that most projects are calling out for either on-prem or cloud-based solutions, GIV, with the help of Infor EAM, has been able to implement both types of projects while complying with their customers’ specific vendors to align with their terms of data security. GIV works in a variety of security environments for a variety of reasons - fully secure, mixed environment, multi-server, and diverse security environments.

Perhaps one of GIV’s most notable success stories is of a municipality in Israel that had its citizens complaining about the sub-par sanitary conditions of their streets and roads. On top of drowning with complaints, the municipality had low control over the city’s cleanliness management and was clueless in dealing with the situation. The municipality knew where the tools were at any moment, but they had no way of knowing where they should be, in what lanes, or in what timings.
They reached out to GIV Solutions, which came up with the idea to better manage the cleaning trucks that drive through the roads during the day. With GIV’s solution they could identify and be alerted according to defined protocols and escalation, as soon as the deviations have reached certain defined deviation levels. Through their specialized solution GIV-CITY ™, the intentions were to monitor the routes of the trucks online. GIV-CITY™ offered the city municipality complete visibility to where the city’s trucks were always. As the city understood that the drivers of the cleaning trucks were often not on the correct route or were taking longer breaks, they relayed that information to the truck drivers’ management company. The truck drivers took note of the fact that they were being monitored, and within less than a quarter after GIV’s involvement, not only was there a 35 percent growth in service level that was measured in 35 percent drop of citizens’ complaints, within 3 months of activating the solution.

Going the Extra Mile

Givon’s experience, patience, and vision to go the extra mile for customers became a part of the GIV leading team, and project managers have helped the company’s growth in terms of projects, income, and manpower. Chosen as Infor Partner of the year for three years, GIV Solutions has experienced a flurry of accomplishments since 2008 accompanied by a rate of 20- 30 percent growth each year. The company has also received the innovation prize from Infor as an acknowledgment of the innovation and uniqueness of the solutions that GIV has developed. In addition to collaborating with the Innovation Authority of Israel on several projects, GIV has several financial institutions looking to work with them, which would allow the company to explore different ways to grow in the future. The company is financially receiving the premium stamp of D&B and having collaboration with all leading banks in Israel.

”We live from our own grown fruits and we use them for the next generation utilizing our seeds of revenue from the previous season’s harvest to grow enhanced and better fruits in the next season"

Behind all the successes and achievements is Givon’s proficiency as a leader steering the company toward favorable outcomes, as well as Givon’s love for playing Chess and Bridge. Chess, as a strategy game, honed Givon’s ability to plan long ahead of time and helped him foresee Infor EAM as the platform of choice for their think-tanks to drive the innovative edge. While Bridge, a game that requires team play, contributed to Givon’s role in leadership and team management. Ultimately, this is what led to GIV’s unique work culture of having all the teams working in sync with each other, in turn helping them identify opportunities and drawbacks, and pinpoint best practices for every issue that they come across.

On the company’s successful growth each year, Givon draws inspiration from the agricultural cycle as he sums it beautifully, “We live from our own grown fruits and we use them for the next generation utilizing our seeds of revenue from the previous season’s harvest to grow enhanced and better fruits in the next season.”

And the innovation cycle continues!

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Ra’anana, Israel

Meir Givon, Founder & CEO and Frederic Russo, SVP INFOR EAM for EMEA APAC at INFOR GLOBAL

GIV Solutions offers a comprehensive approach to solution implementations by addressing process and organizational changes along with the introduction of new technologies. Infor EAM is represented in Israel solely by GIV Solutions, Infor Gold Partner three years in a row. GIV is specialized in EAM consulting, implementation, training/assimilation and on-going EAM operations. With years of practical experience, the professionals at GIV Solutions partner with their customers to achieve objectives and ensure complete customer satisfaction. GIV Solutions specializes in service-oriented industries that rely on large scale or complex infrastructures and logistics, in the private as well as the public sector

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