GlassIG: Information Governance Simplified

Stephane Croisier, CEO
Digital transformation has fueled an explosion in the volume of information organizations generate, both internally and externally. Information of this scale however has turned into a double-edged sword. On one hand, it enables organizations to make informed and insightful decisions aiding productivity and competitive advantage, whilst on the other hand, it harbors greater risk and cost when faced with litigation and increasing regulatory controls. With sanctions and fines imposed for compliance failures or breaches, organizations are focusing on the need to be more proactive and diligent with regard to information governance. GlassIG provides an overlay of policy and control to demonstrate the appropriate checks and balances while harnessing the value of the data organizations hold. As an independent software vendor GlassIG provides these capabilities in the form of easy to use, scalable and cost-effective cloud or hybrid solutions that enable organizations to leverage the value of information as an asset whilst minimizing associated risks and costs.

Furthermore, in the wake of the European Union (EU) implementing General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 28 May 2018, businesses operating upon data from data subjects from the EU, wherever the organization resides globally, will require to demonstrate their policies and controls with more clarity than ever before. To this end, good data awareness and housekeeping play a crucial role in helping businesses meet and maintain compliance to GDPR from the perspective of avoiding sanctions that could be levied and maintenance of higher quality data. GlassIG, with its tried and tested solutions, is set to assist organizations preparing to comply with GDPR within the limited time available before its implementation in May 2018.

In fact, GlassIG is the first vendor to combine privacy, retention and legal hold requirements on the same platform. It solves information governance challenges related to Policy Management, In-Place Lifecycle Enforcement, Personal Data Inventories, and Defensible Disposition. Catering to customers of all sizes from small and medium size businesses to multinational corporations, GlassIG helps facilitate data breach investigations, prevents the proliferation and over retention of digital records, lowers the high costs of eDiscovery, simplifies data subject access requests, and significantly improves the need for documentation and insight to policy and control.

We help our customers deal with all their information policies and try to enforce those policies on their content wherever it resides

Also, Personal Data Inventory and Data Minimization services help enterprises remove Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) information reducing risk and data storage costs.

“We help our customers deal with all the information policies and try to enforce those policies on their content wherever it resides,” remarks Stephane Croisier, the CEO of GlassIG. The company provides the tools to maintain a living document of all corporate information policies, creates a unified information catalog by connecting to various content repositories, and provides a Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) metric about information cost and level of risk, promoting optimization. With its default Personal Data Inventory and Retention Schedules solution templates, GlassIG aids organizations to deploy their programs in short timescales to meet market demands. GlassIG also serves as the industry’s first analytic tool for the emerging discipline of Information Economics called Infonomics which leverages accounting principles to enable an enterprise to differentiate information liabilities (electronic trash) from the information assets (content with future expected economic value).

Driven by a holistic view of information that addresses issues such as privacy, legal holds, and retention policies, GlassIG has become a leading supplier in the enterprise information governance field. The company plans to extend their work to the IT, security enforcement, and unified access to information domains. Backed by experience, innovative solutions used by global and localized organizations, and ready plans for the future, GlassIG helps customers solve all of their information governance problems, whether big or small.


Boston, MA & Geneva, Switzerland

Stephane Croisier, CEO

Provides cost effective, easy to use and scalable Information Governance solutions to customers from small and medium businesses, up to multinational corporations