Gleanster Research: Helping the CIO Make Informed Technology Decisions for AllC-Suite Stakeholders

Ian Michiels, CEO
Professionals involved in IT and other domains often encounter the need for effective guidance on software investments – especially with respect to technology that supports marketing, sales, and service. With over 1,345 technologies supporting the Marketing function alone, how do you know which ones are safe, relevant, and mission critical for the business? Today IT professionals can and should rely on world-class guidance from the analyst community, but it’s not cheap and it’s sometimes it’s perceived as biased or speculative. In order to minimize risk, you really need to know what’s ACTUALLY working among your competitors and peers; you need to benchmark current best practices. That’s what Gleanster Research does for IT professionals.

Gleanster Research offers free mium survey-based IT market research reports and software selection directories in one intuitive offering. “We simplify technology decisions by centralizing best practice primary research reports by intuitive topic areas and then link them to the related landscape of technology providers that mitigate those challenges,” informs Ian Michiels, CEO and Principal Analyst at Gleanster Research.

Gleanster hosts a library of hundreds of best practice research reports compiled through a survey-based research methodology and a catalog of 4,000 plus software providers. Gleanster surveys over 10,000 companies each year across 40-50 topics ranging from data visualization to Dev Ops to marketing automation, and many other areas. All of these reports reflect the needs and challenges of business professionals in marketing, sales, and service - giving IT a unique perspective about how their stakeholders in the business prioritize needs. The results from these surveys are available online. “These practical insights are perfect for identifying successful methodologies employed by “Top Performing,” companies before making a decision to invest in a new technology,” adds Michiels.

The research is free for users who opt-in to being contacted by vendors or available on a subscription basis for $24.95 per month. Visitors can easily locate a landscape of vendors that can address their needs in the context of best practice research, and analyst commentary.
Gleanster reports also include the FLASH vendor rankings which reflect crowd-sourced user ratings across 4 criteria: Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment, Features and Functions, and Overall Value. This gives members a quick snapshot of which vendors deliver the best overall customer experience and value.

“Our goal is to simplify technology investments decisions leveraging a comprehensive platform that features vendor directories, research, vetted vendor whitepapers, and vendor rankings”, continues Ian. is an interactive portal where IT decision makers can research best practices on investment, isolate a list of vendors who solve their problems, read analyst commentary, and even view crowd-sourced user reviews on the vendors involved in the investment arena.

“There’s no shortage of analyst insights in the market today. Gleanster doesn’t replace or make any of these obsolete, we augment them. Howeverfor IT professionals looking to minimize risks in software purchase decisionsour benchmark insights from Top Performing companies are invaluable. We’ll help you identify how thousands of IT professionals from around the world achieved Top Performer status,” said Michiels.

Like many IT Market Research firms, Gleanster also provides demand generation, content syndication, marketing services, and advisory to hundreds of software providers across all shapes and sizes - from the smallest startup to well-known brands such as Oracle,, Act-On Software, and InfoGroup. The company maintains an unbiased and credible brand by never writing about single vendor solutions. In fact, Gleanster covers all software providers in their landscapes, regardless of size or monetary relationship with the firm.

In the near future, the firm is looking forward to a variety of new features on the website including interactive charts and figures, solution selection tools, and personalized research portals based on search behavior, which would help give IT professionals the tools they need to make save, informed technology investments.

Gleanster Research

Pleasanton, CA

Ian Michiels, CEO

A provider of survey-based IT market research reports and software selection directories in one intuitive offering.