Glenmount Global Solutions: Operational Redundancy to Maximize Facility Up-Time

Ralph Carter, CEO
“Value doesn’t come from software or hardware knowledge, it comes from how it is applied to a process” says Ralph Carter, CEO, Glenmount Global Solutions. Following this mission, the Texas-based firm Glenmount Global Solutions believes today’s data centers are in need of the basic tools of business—effective execution and strategy to bestow value to their customers. Data center organizations are dealing with constant pressure to provide high quality and higher reliability bandwidth for their customers in shorter time lines. They are expected to do more, including protecting rapidly expanding volumes of data and a growing number of mission-critical applications, managing highly complex and wildly heterogeneous environments.

As an industrial control and software solution provider, Glenmount Global Solutions offers operational solutions in their customer application facility. With locations across the country, the company delivers leading efficiency, quality, reliability and safety solutions for industrial applications. The company has also utilized its deep industrial process expertise to design, engineer, and deliver industrial control and software solutions for data centers.

Coupled with technology and an experienced implementation team, Glenmount Global Solutions develops unique arsenal of solutions called ‘Aspire’. This mission critical application is designed and architected to offer full operational redundancy to maximize facility up time. “Aspire enables our clients to achieve in shorter time commissioning, improved operation efficiency and receive integrated facility information which allows higher reliability from their assets,” explains Carter. Additionally, Aspire offers an open protocol—the connectivity to communicate with other capable devices, and redundancy of the control and monitoring, data collection for visualization, and incorporation of energy efficiencies. It also provides design and pricing that fits most applications. Aspire is an easy-to-use solution that facilitates faster issue response and resolution, presenting a single pane of glass view, which serves as an eagle eye to the operator, to view critical areas of the facility in one screen. The application drives down to the areas of interest, or concern to quickly address any issues before they become a major problem.

The need of the hour is to transfer a tremendous amount of data from disparate sources to an integrated information system through data center infrastructure management which is a growing technology.
Data center industry has recognized the need and so has Glenmount. The company has leveraged its knowledge and experience in the data center market and has closely worked with many leading companies.

Aspire enables our clients to achieve shorter time to commissioning, improved operation efficiency, and receive integrated facility information which allows higher reliability from their assets

A global semi-conductor company was in need of implementing a fairly complex high density corporate data center. The company approached Glenmount Global Solutions to help them build an extremely reliable and efficient fully redundant monitoring and information system. Glenmont initiated a fast-track process which lasted for fourteen months from initial concept to go live completion. With the co-generation plant, the system offers off-grid power supply, improving their electricity consumption, operational efficiency and reliability. The entire process was completed in a condensed time line. “We were able to put our expertise alongside the client’s, and bring in additional resources whenever necessary,” says Carter.

Glenmount constantly evaluates the latest technologies available from leading factories and industries to offer best value to its partners and clients. As an engineering and technology firm, it offers the best solutions with minimal dependence on specific software or hardware manufacturers. Moving forward, the company plans to continue to focus and expand its operations across U.S. “We believe in investing heavily on talented engineers and project managers, who have contributed immensely to the success of our customers,” Carter says. “For the future, we strive to deliver value added solutions to customers and help them to attain success in their operations,” he concludes.

Glenmount Global Solutions

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Ralph Carter, CEO

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