Global Analytics: Uplifting Underbanked Consumers through Agile Data Analytics

Chris deBoer, President & CEO
Focus on the unique attributes of each opponent and the field. Chris deBoer, President and CEO of Global Analytics, finds the importance of this as true in tennis as in business operations. “By focusing on your competitor,you can improve on your strengths and weaknesses. I apply this philosophy to fare well in the competitive market of big data analytics,” says deBoer. With over 20 years of experience in sales comprising software services, technology solutions, analytics, client partnerships, and key account management, deBoer’s expertise augments Global Analytics’ prowess in the big data arena.

Founded in 2003, Global Analytics, based in San Diego, CA, is an analytics-driven and web-based financial services company dedicated to serving the underbanked consumers globally who do not have adequate access to credit and banking services. According to deBoer, the big data landscape continues to grow in size and popularity wherein data sourcing and predictive modeling tools are enabling organizations to make better, faster decisions. However, such exponential growth each year can be overwhelming for many organizations to just get started in an effective and efficient way with both knowledgeable manpower and agile system models. “We are addressing both the potential issues to stay in front of the big data landscape and enable better decision-making to improve operational efficiency, while reducing costs and risk,” states deBoer. “In that effort, we have further revised our entire system’s architecture to be more nimble, enabling even faster testing and adoption of new analytical tools.”

To transform complex streams of data from multiple sources into meaningful inferences, Global Analytics has developed a technology known as Adaptive Data Fusion. With the understanding that every customer can inherently make different financial transactions, Adaptive Data Fusion enables users to incorporate the unique points of transactional differences. “While most alternative vendors solely underwrite on an individual customer, we’re able to underwrite at a much more detailed and precise level through a per-transaction basis,” states deBoer.
Apart from being accustomed with each transaction and data point, Adaptive Data Fusion also combines multiple pieces of structured and unstructured data.

We have leveraged big data analytical thinking across marketing, product, risk, and operations fueling triple-digit growth in financings

On the innovation front, Global Analytics is revising its Adaptive Data Fusion platform to enable better testing and adoption of new technologies, models, and data sources. From marketing, risk, operations, product management, and development, the company effectuates all their functions with a strong foundation on analytics. “An analytics mindset is core to our culture, our continued future success, and our greatest differentiated strength,” states deBoer. With a goal to keep the cost of borrowing as low as possible to whom it matters most, Global Analytics invests their analytical horsepower toward ensuring they have the latest analytical expertise,an agile platform, and accurate underwriting decisions.

In this competitive arena, Global Analytics has taken a solid stand in helping customers improve their financial standing and stay relevant. “We have leveraged big data analytical thinking across marketing, product, risk, and operations fueling triple-digit growth in financings,” explains deBoer.

Moving ahead, Global Analytics is on a continuous exploration to leverage more data and new analytical models for better predictive decisions and developing alternative credit services. With retained focus on underbanked consumers, the company is endeavoring to expand geographically.

Global Analytics

San Diego, CA

Chris deBoer, President & CEO

Global Analytics is an analytics-driven and web-based financial services company focusing on the underbanked consumers.