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Cloud computing, despite its highly lucrative benefits, brings forward certain difficulties during its implementation and running. The present cloud market is very vast with large numbers of cloud service providers, and a plethora of solutions. To a great extent, an organization’s success depends on identifying the perfect cloud solution providers, such as Global Cloud Consulting (GCC). The company, since 2012, has been redefining the ways of cloud implementation. The focus is on extending proven and practical strategies to cloud implementation with the aim to address different challenges associated with the technology.

The services at GCC are not restricted to cloud implementation; there is emphasis on helping new ventures with educational sessions where the company shares their experiences and strengths.
Another aspect about GCC is that, they offer self-assessment tools to determine whether a particular organization is able to take the next step or if not, enables them to do so with practical suggestions on self-improvement. Their clients are provided with solid recommendations and suggestions based on experience.

In simple words, the expert team at GCC makes an easy migration to cloud possible for organizations. The company’s services have been recognized by several leading players.

Rich Reiffer, the founder of GCC is a veteran who started his career in 1991 with his own enterprise and the desire to help companies become great enterprises by utilizing his knowledge and experience has been the motivating factor behind the reation of GCC. The firm successfully adheres to his vision by imparting business and technical lessons to entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve success.

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