Global Gaming Labs (GGL): Secure Live Casino Platform

The growth of online gambling and casinos, has been heavily driven by the appetite for in-home entertainment and the ability of technology to cater in innovative ways. However, in a business dominated by transactions involving currency, casinos are vulnerable to criminal activity. To resolve this issue, Global Gaming Labs, a Live Dealer software developer, provides a secure live casino platform and offer services to the casinos.

The company’s platform has a playing interface, which is straightforward and secure, with everything clear and visible to the clients. Ever since its inception in 2002, GGL has been designing software. In the early years, the company focused on producing interactive gaming software for land-based casinos but geared towards building live gaming software module for online customers. With its base operations located in Costa Rica, GGL provides Live Dealer software to casinos located in Central America and U.S. “Our vision is to create products that provide gaming operators security and competitive advantage while increasing profitability,” says Gregory Sapon, CEO of GGL.

The company’s Live Dealer Software ensures that the customers’ personal and financial data are secured. Through the company’s live casino platform, users are able to deposit and withdraw safely using various methods such as credit or debit cards, electronic wallets, and wire transfers amongst others. As the system has a robust back-end and detailed back-up logs, the disputes are resolved fast while playing games. Besides that, the dealers are always monitored by pit bosses in order to ensure that everything is working smoothly and responsibly. Before deciding which tables to join, users are able to choose according to the table limits that are offered in multiple levels.

In one instance, GGL implemented its live casino platform for BetOnline, one of the online casino operators that welcomes U.S. players. After the deployment, the client carries out monthly high roller bonuses, with 10 percent cash backs and 25 percent reload on any deposit within the casino. Through the platform, the client increased their conversion rates, profitability, and affiliate promotion.

Our vision is to create outstanding products that will give gaming operators a competitive advantage while increasing profitability

Besides the platform, the company offers land-based casino streaming service for customers with existing casinos. The patrons will have the ability to play on a live casino from their hotel suites, home, office or any place with internet access. For operators with more of an online presence, the company offers solutions to fit different budget levels. The customers receive full private studios with custom branded walls, carpets, tables, cards, uniforms and more. “We can also provide custom tables within our existing studios. In such cases, branded tables and cards can be provided,” adds Sapon. Through this service, the customers can improve branding, customer value with increased customer engagement and gain complete control over the service offered. The company handles all the virtual requests such as hours, languages, limits, rules, branding, and promotions.

Currently, Global Gaming Labs offers six different live casino games through the live casinos that are using the live casino platform. These games include Casino Hold’em, European Roulette, American Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack Unlimited, and Blackjack. Recently, the company renovated its gaming studio and has plans to position themselves for a push into Asian markets. For the road ahead, GGL plans to improve its products in the gaming industry as the company analyzes its system and processes from time to time.

Global Gaming Labs

San Jose, CR

Gregory Sapon, CEO

Provides a secure live casino platform and offer services to the casino companies