Global Matrix: Cloud based Solutions to Empower Travel Agencies

CIO VendorGraham Irvine, President
The rapid pace of technology change coupled with the digitization of business is spurring innovation in how companies serve their customers. Synonymous with service, the travel industry has myriad constituents who have unique processes developed in conjunction with different booking engines and tools. One of the major hindrances that these players face is the difficulty in managing vast array of customer and supplier data generated by these processes. Global Matrix, an Ontario based company solves this issue by replicating the transaction data, which is processed in real time to a reporting database that is updated in near real time. “This allows the data to be reported on or extracted in easy to use formats by anyone in the organization with the appropriate security, from any location,” says Graham Irvine, President at Global Matrix.

Global Matrix provides the hardware, software and all the hooks into major Global Distribution System (GDS) booking engines so that the customers can focus on running a profitable business. For instance, the company processes information related to booking of tickets and, thereafter, reports the details regarding the airline ticket to Billing and Settlement Plans (BSP) and suppliers. The system in turn provides the documentation—such as invoice, and receipt back to a traveler. Global Matrix also develops and operates state-of-the-art travel agency front and back office systems for scores of agencies in thousands of locations around the world. “Our CRM system for leisure travelers helps our clients track their preferences and services better,” adds Irvine.

Irvine also explains that the growing trend in travel industry is the use of independent contractors instead of the traditional employer/employee relationship. Global Matrix provides a real time statement that describes to the contractor as well as the agency exactly what they have sold along with any expenses and receivables. “The result is a single version of truth that eliminates the concerns of independent contractors,” says Irvine.

We offer solutions that help clients work in moments without any hassle of usability or time-consumption

There is also an ongoing conundrum in the industry, which is the collection of hotel commissions by travel agents. A travel agent is never fully certain of what the hotel commission should be—simply because either the traveler extends his stay or they may even cancel the stay. “By using our solutions, a travel agent is aware of this information, and they can follow up with the hotel to maximize the amount to be received from a hotel,” explains Irvine. The system provides real time reporting, which allows the agency to direct their business to the hotels that provide the greatest yield. For instance, the New York-based Protravel International, a travel company saw their revenues scaling up to the tune of six figures per year, after the implementation of Global Matrix’s systems.

As its solutions are provided via cloud, Global Matrix significantly eliminates the capital investment requirements for customers. Further, the company has a bi-directional API that enable client's systems to send data to Global Matrix, and vice versa, avoiding the lengthy programming traditionally required. Clients can easily use the solutions and make them work almost instantly without any hassle of usability or time-consumption. “These imperative features make us completely unique in the market,” says Irvine.

Moving ahead, Global Matrix wants to enhance its solutions by offering graphical reports to its customers. “In the imminent period, we are going to perform the beta test of our brand new business intelligence system. It will present clients with the dashboard of their choice, and enable them to assess and monitor their operations in real-time,” concludes Irvine.

Global Matrix

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Graham Irvine, President

Provides state of the art front and back end system for travel agencies around the world.