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Nitin Deshpande, CEO
Digital medical devices have long been introduced in the market, and the onset of digital transformation has opened up newer ways of providing healthcare. Several revolutionary digital devices have been launched in the last couple of years, such as digital blood pressure equipment or EKG device. In particular, New Jersey-based Global Products aims to make use of available technology and provide affordable healthcare. The company's fundamental strategy is to utilize digital devices and offer healthcare services in unapproachable or remote areas lacking healthcare facilities. A medical assistant or a nurse can visit the patient, get the vitals and send it instantly over the internet, and a doctor can immediately provide consultation through video conferencing or teleconferencing solutions.

Global Products has integrated its electronic medical record system along with this idea so that a doctor can receive a complete picture of a patient, including his vitals, previous vitals, allergies, medication history, among others. The doctor will start giving treatment to a patient without having to move them physically to a hospital. Ultimately it will result in both cost savings as well as time being saved significantly. "In the future, there will be medical facility without doctors or a patient can be anywhere and yet avail healthcare services through technology," states Nitin Deshpande, CEO of Global Products. Throughout his career of more than 20 years, Nitin gained a lot of healthcare domain expertise, studied the digital devices market, and made many observations like how people were traveling hours to reach a hospital. The idea struck him to conceptualize the digital clinic, and he began to develop the solution. The company has implemented machine learning in its EHR software to increase a doctor's productivity, automate workflows, and reduce costs. The firm's solution is finding its efficacy primarily in home care organizations and US hospitals attempting to reduce the cost of penalty if there is immediate readmission of a patient after being discharged. The US Trade Organization has evaluated the solution and is helping to promote the product in various African countries. Global Products is also targeting remote areas in developing countries and is currently aggressively campaigning in India.

In future, there will be medical facility without doctors or a patient can be anywhere and yet avail healthcare services through technology

Global Products offers a free one-month trial so that users can experiment with the technology and try it out. Since all medical devices connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, they can capture the vitals and send them to the Global Products' application. The app will then send out an email to a doctor with the patient's record and streamlined data based on specific requirements,and further, the doctor can make a Skype call and provide consultation. For instance, due to the ongoing pandemic, Global Products' solution is getting good response in India and was short-listed for a Smart City requirements. Doctors were not able to travel and provide services, especially in remote areas. Using all the available technology such as internet connectivity and smartphones, even medical assistants or unqualified nurses could capture the basic vitals of the patients, and doctors were able to make a skype call and treat them. The patients were more relieved since it was more of an in-person consultation. Similarly, a vendor in China has collaborated with Global Products to integrate their medical device with its solution. "We have made it cost-effective and affordable, and there is no hidden cost of other OS or database," adds Deshpande.

Forging ahead, Global Products will continue to provide the best services and keep adding new features in its solution. "Technology keeps coming, and we have to leverage those for the overall better.

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Nitin Deshpande, CEO

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