GlobalLogic: Merging Cross-Industry Expertise And Experience With Market-Defining Customers

Shashank Samant, CEO
As the sheer volume of data in business is growing exponentially across all industries, a majority of companies face the challenge of processing large amounts of unstructured data quickly enough to make it useful and relevant to their business. Providing them with a solution is GlobalLogic, which helps companies architect, develop, and deploy products and business services, leveraging Big Data and the cloud. This availability of the cloud and powerful Big Data analytics software — much of it open source — gives businesses capabilities that a decade ago were available only to governments and the largest corporations.

GlobalLogic, headquartered in McLean, VA, combines cross-industry expertise and experience with market-defining customers to make connections between makers and markets worldwide. The firm has gained special insight from working on innovative products and disruptive technologies that it shares with business leaders, showing them how strategic research and development can become a tool for managing their future.

Led by CEO Shashank Samant, GlobalLogic collaborates with both merchants and software solution providers to develop integrated, multi-platform eCommerce solutions. It has built comprehensive eCommerce platforms, developed product customization tools, and provided integration services with social networking sites, payment processing engines, and shipping services.

GlobalLogic delivers R&D services to leading technology-enabled organizations. Since 2001, GlobalLogic has been working with both start-ups and technology giants, including over 80 percent of the top global technology brands, to design and build innovative products, which provides a competitive edge.
“We help clients to attract young blood and to keep energy and enthusiasm, which are purely start-up features. At the same time we help to develop know-hows, which describes us as a mature company with experience in R&D sphere,” comments Samant.

With innovation hubs and design studios around the world, GlobalLogic delivers a broad range of technology design and engineering skills needed to help its clients stay ahead. The company is connected globally by its "Velocity" platform, and its teams thrive on Agile collaboration. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Goldman Sachs, NEA, Draper Atlantic/New Atlantic Ventures, and WestBridge Capital, GlobalLogic is a home to more than 6,000 employees, delivering innovation to several technology organizations around the globe. This is why Samant proudly says, "Over the past decade, we have built GlobalLogic into a 6,600 person-strong global innovation engine."

Nokia began seeing challengers to its market share as a result of the growing demand for Smartphones. Realizing a shift in customer expectations, Nokia approached Method, GlobalLogic’s experience design firm, to create a strategy and roadmap for re-envisioning the entire customer experience, from product packaging to the retail environment. Nokia’s multi-phase, multi-year engagement with Method resulted in a framework that helped rationalize the company’s overall product offering across devices and services, including a global reinvention of the Nokia retail store experience. “The fresh thinking from Method is helping to redefine what people expect from retail,” said Felipe Del Corral, Head of Digital Retail Worldwide, and Nokia. “They have successfully created interfaces that consumers enjoy and that place Nokia at the forefront of retail innovation.”

As GlobalLogic serves to businesses of all kinds, it believes it can build and strengthen customer experience with ease and expertise.


McLean, VA

Shashank Samant, CEO

GlobalLogic helps companies architect, develop, and deploy products and business services leveraging Big Data and the cloud.