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Idit Harel Caperton, CEO & Founder
In the global innovation economy, it is mission critical to equip students with digital literacy, starting young, in order to enable mastery of required knowledge and skills to help them succeed in school, college and their careers.

Globaloria, the leader in computing innovation, is working towards the creation of a talent pipeline of informed and engaged citizens and digital workers effective for the 21st century. To bridge the widening knowledge gap across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) streams in education, Globaloria launched Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), specifically on computing education for the K-12 market.

We bring MIT-style courses into schools, no matter what their zip code is. Coding is the new writing, and Globaloria sparks students’ imaginations and learning innovation skills

As an award winning K-12 learning platform with MIT-style courses in STEM, computing, game design and coding, Globaloria empowers educators and school systems by enhancing their STEM teaching opportunities, imparts computer coding fundamentals to students in a novel gaming study plan and transforms classrooms into networked game-design studios that motivate students to deeply comprehend key concepts in the curriculum. Through team-based learning of game design, teacher-led coaching and online networking with experts and peers, students are empowered to drive their own design and learning-by-doing processes and to master coding and computer science. And since they all like to play games, making them is fun and engaging too.

Globaloria’s technology tools and content have shown unparalleled success on a large scale among schools in rural and urban communities of varied socioeconomic status.

“In basic literacy of technology, coding is the new writing; it’s Globaloria’s endeavor to reach all students across the U.S., including those who may not have access to computers or broadband internet in their homes”, says Idit Harel Caperton, CEO, an MIT PhD and Harvard EdM, who has been an award-winning innovator in the education technology field for over two decades.

Globaloria’s interactive project-based blended-learning leads to better comprehension in students and helps them assimilate more information by having a hands-on approach towards learning. Course completion rates and student and teacher satisfaction are high.

Principals or superintendents who want to address their school’s need for computing innovation can purchase the Globaloria platform for student use. Globaloria can be implemented in various formats—as individual courses or as comprehensive cumulative programs, as part of a regular school day for credit, integrated into an existing core curriculum or elective class, or as a stand-alone course. Globaloria is also implemented within extended day programs, afterschool clubs or summer camps.

The platform provides customizable and scalable online courses, which can be easily integrated into classrooms and accessed by thousands of students at one time, with virtually no changes to the school infrastructure. A broadband internet connection is the only necessity as all of the content is hosted by Globaloria. The whole system comes with affordable pricing plans, includes training and ongoing mentoring for teachers and principals, backed by an elaborate learning management system and an online help center for students.

Globaloria’s goal is to spread computing innovation and coding literacy across one million students by 2015. As a recipient of the 2013 Tech Awards’ Microsoft Education Award and 2013 District Administration Top 100 Pick, Globaloria is poised for a national and global distribution, teaching young people how to design and code educational games and interactive simulations and become the next generation of computationally-fluent, engaged citizens and leaders of the global innovation economy.


New York, NY

Idit Harel Caperton, CEO & Founder

Globaloria is advancing computing innovation education through courses in computer science, game design and coding