GlobeNet: The Cloud Generation: Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Kevin Gray, Founder & CEO
Prior to the advent of virtualization, a physical server could run only one operating system environment (OSE). If there was a need to run multiple workloads on a physical server, then those applications had to be installed on the same OSE. Virtualization changed all of this: offering the possibility of running multiple operating system instances together. Virtual servers induced a greater and more efficient use of resources while providing easy scalability, minimal downtime, and faster disaster recovery. However, a decade after x86 virtualization became mainstream, organizations now are faced with the challenges of tackling separate interfaces for networking, storage, OSEs, applications, and so forth. These predicaments are further compounded by the IT departments not promptly upgrading their legacy infrastructure. Enter hyper-converged infrastructure and cloud computing—two major technology trends that are changing the way IT organizations operate. Both these combined allow an IT administrator to manage pools of compute, storage, and networking as a single scalable whole.

Given the potential of these new technology trends, most CIOs still take a backseat in implementing them. Even today, CIOs are unclear about their choice of cloud infrastructure— should it be public, private, or hybrid?—let alone the other IT management requisites. This is where Louisiana-based GlobeNet emerges as the ‘guiding star’ for enterprises in their journey toward IT modernization. A dynamic, full-service IT solution integrator with an expert staff of certified IT professionals, GlobeNet partners with some of the world’s leading IT companies like Nutanix, Workspot, VMware, Dell, and Microsoft, to offer a comprehensive suite of cloud, managed IT, and network security services. The company natively converges cloud compute, storage, and virtualization to provide turnkey hyper-converged solutions to healthcare and financial enterprises.

However, what truly distinguishes GlobeNet from any other IT company is its unmatched customer-centricity. “Our job is to translate a CIO’s expectation into reality,” remarks Kevin Gray, founder and CEO of GlobeNet. “More often than not, CIOs juggle between managing an enterprise’s strategic goals and keeping up with the latest IT technology in the market.” Offering a consultative arm to those CIOs, GlobeNet helps companies strategize their IT decisions, and, at the same time, offers support to execute those decisions.

GlobeNet offers a comprehensive suite of cloud, managed IT, and network security services to deliver next-generation enterprise computing

The aim is to find the right mix of solutions to help companies maximize their performance, increase security, and meet compliance regulations, all while reducing the overall cost.

Throughout GlobeNet’s journey in the virtualization industry, one of their most prominent offerings has been the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). Elaborating the robustness of this service, Gray cites a customer success story: “A remote pharmacy company had come to us with a challenge of managing their 52 pharmacies across Texas.” Having hired remote pharmacists, the company had no secured means of sharing their business-critical information. “Each pharmacist received access to all their virtual private networks (VPN), which was not the best practice according to the HIPAA regulations,” he continues. Evaluating the problems, GlobeNet devised a fitting IT architecture for the company. They provided a centralized data center and private cloud, and created a virtual desktop environment, which had a separate desktop pool for each pharmacy. “By offering 52 desktop pools, we were able to provide selective access to the remote pharmacists,” states Gray. This not only organized the workflow better, but also improved cybersecurity, compliance, and consolidated the company’s IT management.

Striding ahead, GlobeNet aims to bring more next-gen technologies for cloud and virtualization, making it more accessible and affordable to enterprises of all sizes. “Simultaneously, we are heavily focusing on bolstering security protocols and delivering improved cybersecurity offerings to our clients,” says Gray. As the convergence of cloud and virtualization further intensifies, the future of IT looks bright to GlobeNet.


New Orleans, LA

Kevin Gray, Founder & CEO

A dynamic, full-service IT solution integrator with an expert staff of certified IT professionals offering a comprehensive suite of cloud and managed IT services