Globys: Completely Automated Invoice-to-Cash

Matthew Shanahan, COO
Invoice-to-cash is a highly manual process, requiring customer and supplier personnel alike to transcribe of information from invoices—physical or electronic—into their respective AP and AR systems. Customers are laden with manual AP review and validation of charges to ensure invoices and payments can be trusted. A supplier has to manually close invoices because payment and remittance advice are disconnected. It is expensive, slow, and error-prone. Connecting AP and AR processing electronically and building trust between suppliers and customers to completely automate invoice-to-cash is Globys. Called straight-through processing, Globys empowers a supplier and the customers with tools to automatically verify invoices, make payments and settle accounts using technologies such as application integration, intelligent rules, and an immutable, transparent ledger. “Our straight-through processing mission is to provide trusted machine-to-machine invoice presentment, payment, and closing,” says Matthew Shanahan, COO, Globys.

The Globys invoice-to-cash solution captures invoices from multiple billing systems into a supplier invoicing hub. The Globys platform provides AP tools for customers to personalize how invoices will be delivered, verified, and paid. The intuitive AP tools enable customers to personalize invoicing such as consolidation of multiple invoices into a single virtual invoice, allowing them to be cleared in a single payment as well as intelligently allocating charges into the customer’s chart of accounts. Globys then tracks all payment and remittance data to automatically close invoices correctly and efficiently. “Making it easy for customers to pay according to their preferences improves trust, accelerates cash flow and lowers DSOs,” says Shanahan.

The Globys solution also tracks straight-through processing (STP) adoption. Globys identifies exactly which customers are using what straight-through processing features. This business intelligence allows a supplier to target customer adoption campaigns “With the Globys STP dashboard, a supplier has a single view into OPEX and DSO benefits and opportunities,” remarks Shanahan.

Our straight-through processing mission is to provide trusted machine-to-machine invoice presentment, payment, and closing

Furthermore, the platform leverages data analytics to enable capabilities like allowing a supplier to track sources of churn and growth within their revenue.

The rich set of benefits of Globys’ solution has been instrumental in scripting several success stories. Day sales outstanding (DSO) was a major concern for a global telecom company. Enterprise customers were less than 10 percent of the customer base but more than 50 percent of the revenue. Consequently, the manual AP processes for enterprise customers had pushed DSOs past 90 days. Having understood Globys’ unique straight-through processing capabilities, the telecom company rolled-out the Globys’ invoice-to-cash solution. Shortly after launch, the DSO of the telecom company dropped by 65 percent, thereby improving cash flow significantly.

In another instance, one of the largest call centers that catered to a supplier’s customer support operations received numerous queries and objections from customers regarding anomalies in invoices delivered. By embracing Globys’ invoicing solution, the client reduced the number of calls pertaining to queries by 24 percent, in less than a month.

Shanahan believes that the future will witness straight-through processing at greater scale, allowing suppliers to build trust, customer satisfaction, and efficiency—a development that Globys is gearing up to handle. Consequently, the company is investing in intelligent contracts, shared ledgers, automated verification rules, and integration with accounting applications to further enrich its solutions. Globys is poised to lead a new era in B2B invoice-to-cash.

Globys News

Ziply Fiber Launches New Business Portal using Globys Software Modules

SEATTLE - Globys, whose mission is to revolutionize the digital experience for telecommunications carriers and their business customers, proudly announces the commercial launch of its business portal product for Ziply Fiber. Ziply is a recent entrant into the telecom space and started by acquiring the assets of Frontier Communications' Northwest operations. Ziply is based in Kirkland, Washington and serves customers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. It offers a wide range of products and services including business fiber, internet, voice, and network services for enterprise and business customers.

Ziply selected Globys in late 2019 to provide business customers with invoice reporting, analytics and payments as part of the Ziply business portal. The Globys out-of-the-box software modules were implemented in a SaaS deployment which took only four months from the time the project started to customer launch. This implementation covers all Ziply business customers and will give them the ability to easily view, consolidate, allocate, pay and reconcile their telecom invoices online.

By being able to access the right information online in a secure environment, business customers can quickly find what they need to pay their telecommunications expenses. Furthermore, the Globys products help Ziply avoid unnecessary billing-related calls to their call center, significantly reducing the costs to service their customers. It also makes it much easier for customers to do business with Ziply, especially during Covid-19 when there is an increased demand for these online digital services.

Mark Sten, EVP of Globys said "business customers now expect that their telecom company will provide them with highly robust digital engagement tools to make it easy to do business online. We see many other telecom providers seeking to transform their digital customer experience as part of a larger global trend. This is exciting for Globys, as we can commercialize our larger product portfolio to solve customer issues regarding e-commerce that make it easy to buy, manage and pay for any product and service offered by a carrier."


Seattle, WA

Matthew Shanahan, COO

Completely automates invoice-to-cash to lower DSOs and OPEX