Glue Networks: Accomplishing the Network Gaps

CIO Vendor Enterprises today depend heavily on their network setup within their infrastructure to facilitate their efficiency and empowering collaboration. In the current industrial scenario, the cost and complexity of managing large networks has become a predicament which lacks agility, simplicity and speed to deliver intelligence to Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Understanding the deficit and fulfilling the gaps in the networking industry is Glue Networks, founded in 2007 by the innovative minds of the IT world, Jeff Gray and Olivier Huynh Van. Named as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Communications Service Provider Infrastructure in April 2013, Glue Networks is the first intelligent automation engine and suite of networking applications for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SDWANs).
With SDWANs, enterprises are able to extend their networks to their new established branches and workforce in a simple and cost effective means.
An Intelligent Orchestration Engine

Led by Jeff Gary, CEO, Gluware is an intelligent orchestration engine that allows IT staff to relocate their attention to the actual features required, while automatically handling the underlying configuration details and ongoing monitoring tasks.

Gluware focus on SaaS optimization for eminent public cloud application delivery, reducing OpEx through automation, security deployment, automotive management of WAN, deploying changes as per requirement, and effortless change of WAN branch. It also leverages the complex CISCO equipments, which allow distribution of MPLS, making their configuration simple, and thus providing a complete networking solution.

Glue Networks with the help of its partners has largely impacted the IT sector with its agile technologies and profound services. The company is currently planning to scale their arsenal to further ascent themselves.

Glue Networks

A provider of intelligent orchestration engine and suite of networking applications for Software-Defined Wide Area Networks. Its product Gluware simplifies the configuration and management of complex SDWAN deployments.