Gluru: Delivering Knowledge through Self-Service

Tim Porter, Founder & CEO
In today’s world where modern customers demand instant gratification, having an optimized customer service knowledge base is key to responding to customer queries quickly and delivering an enhanced customer experience. However, developing a knowledge base takes significant effort as the content has to be built manually. Although artificial intelligence (AI) has made a big splash in the business arena, utilizing this technology to improve the performance of a knowledge base has largely remained an untamed arena. This is why Gluru is unique.

Having a rich experience in the realm of AI and customer experience management, Gluru, a novel software development company, is disrupting the customer service and assisted sales landscape with their next-generation AI-based solution. Providing a groundbreaking knowledge-base system integrated with self-service capabilities, Gluru is on a mission to help clients with an intelligence backbone which self-maintains and drives their knowledge base throughput. “With the help of AI and machine learning, we have been honing our ‘self-maintaining knowledge base system’ to deliver a platform that can drive productivity like never before,” says Tim Porter, founder and CEO, Gluru.

Gluru’s self-maintaining knowledge-base system, Gluru MIND, provides a backbone by embedding seamlessly into a clients knowledge-base system(s), website or customer service solution, regardless of channel. Gluru MIND ingests all the data from the client’s knowledge base, structures the data into the desired format, and effectively turns it into a dialogue to help the client resolve their customers’ or employees queries quickly, and in a self-service manner. In the current market scenario, most of the organizations utilize human agents for managing the inbound customer queries either through phone, e-mail, or social media. With the growing number of inbound queries every week, composing a response for every issue manually is almost impossible. In contrast, Gluru MIND helps businesses eliminate the need for writing responses while also ensuring that the knowledge is kept up to date and actionable.
When a customer’s query arrives, Gluru MIND identifies the request, analyzes it to understand the intent of the issues, and provides an accurate response immediately. Gluru also provides each client with a Dashboard that allows them to monitor— in real time—the status of their knowledge base and also the different ways in which their customers have been engaging with it, to name a few.

Having been recognized as the ‘best innovator in Deep Learning’ at the AIconics awards ceremony 2017, Gluru’s AI-based self-service system has the potential to learn from the data and keep itself updated by monitoring the knowledge across all the business systems within the organization. With the ability to learn and automatically initiate the dialogue from any channel, Gluru MIND helps to reduce the workload on agents and help customer support teams by freeing up their time, thus enabling them to focus on what matters the most. Therefore, Gluru MIND enables businesses to reduce customer churn and support long-term revenue opportunities.

What sets Gluru apart from many of its competitors is that not only does it offer self-service capabilities which enable its clients’ customers to answer their questions in their own time by effectively dialoguing with the knowledge base, but it also assists the clients’ customer support agents as they respond to escalated queries. By providing businesses with both of these capabilities, Gluru ensures that no customer query ever goes unanswered.

Along the path of innovation, the company is founded on research to continuously deliver better ROI for its clients. With the help of their self-maintaining knowledge-base system (that has 9 patents pending), Gluru is all set to expand globally, with strategic partnerships and customers in many countries including the U.S., UK, and India already in motion. “With our unique self-service customer experience management system, our vision is to be at the heart of knowledge management for every business and to make every existing businesses’ knowledge easy to maintain and easy to access via dialogue with customers and employees alike,” concludes Porter.


San Francisco, CA

Tim Porter, Founder & CEO

Provides a productivity platform driven by AI and machine learning technologies to significantly improve customer and employee engagement and enhance the customer experience