Glympse: Optimizing Customer Experience with Last Mile Delivery

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Chris Ruff, President & CEO
Customers receiving delivery information of a particular product is a recurring phenomenon and is often a painful experience. Many a time, after waiting anxiously for an extended period of time, customers end up calling the courier service center for an update, many times only to receive redundant responses. These calls increase the operational cost of contact centers for organizations, all the while ruining the overall end customer experience. These hassles can be avoided if customers are equipped with a solution to track the last mile delivery of a shipment in real time and notify customers about the estimated time of arrival. “Organizations need a transparent and simplified platform that can continuously update customers about their shipment details,” says Chris Ruff, CEO and president of Glympse. Seattle-based Glympse brings to the table a solution that communicates with end customers about their product deliveries and creates an active engagement between brands and their customers, eliminating uncertainty and anxiety about when deliveries will arrive.

Glympse offers a robust customer experience management (CEM) platform that provides end-to-end delivery information that combines proactive notifications, real-time live map tracking, personalized offers, voice capabilities, and instant feedback combined in a single, personalized, and persistent web-based experience for end-consumers. This platform provides real-time location and an ETA countdown in a live map view during the last mile of delivery. It also collects feedback immediately after the delivery is complete. Upon successful delivery, the platform pops up a feedback request, which allows logistics vendors to collect relevant information and serve customers better in the near future. The platform also presents native software development kits (SDKs) and representational state transfer (REST) API that integrates with clients’ in-house solution sets and delivers omnichannel customer experiences.

Founded as a location-based service for consumers, Glympse has now extended its solutions to different sectors encompassing field services, roadside assistance, food, grocery, and retail delivery. However, with diverse industries comes complex challenges; therefore, the firm continues to enhance its platform by adding features such as cancellation of field service appointments, requests for new appointments, and much more.

Organizations that use Glympse have witnessed as much as 10 percent revenue growth, 20 percent reduction of customer no-shows, and 25 percent call reductions while preventing cancellations and reschedules

These functionalities can be integrated with existing interactive voice response (IVR) services of organizations to give users a self-service option while interacting with the platform. “Organizations that use Glympse have witnessed as much as 10 percent revenue growth, 20 percent reduction of customer no-shows, and 25 percent call reductions while preventing cancellations and reschedules,” states Ruff.

Glympse collaborates with various Fortune 100 companies to help them improve efficiency and productivity. One of its client partnerships with a U.S.-based field service client sheds light on their technical capabilities in mitigating last mile delivery problems. Glympse assisted them by deploying its platform to improve operational efficiency and visibility during last mile delivery of their services. The challenge was to serve the client’s customers with detailed information on the day of service for delivery. Glympse’s solution provided live location and estimated time of arrival of technicians as they traveled toward their customers’ address. A customer-centric approach not only resulted in improved operational cost, but it also decreased no-show of customers by 10 percent and increased net promoter score by 8 percent in a year.

The company is committed to delivering its core value of privacy, safety, and controlled location sharing while continuing to expand, refine, and push the boundaries of its business model. Abiding by this principle for over 11 years, the Glympse team continues to move its technology forward and deliver a competitive edge to its clientele in the market place.


Seattle, WA

Chris Ruff, President & CEO

Provides a robust platform to streamline last mile delivery services