Go2Group: ALM Integrations Made Easy

Brett Taylor, Founder & President
“Breaking down silos can spark innovation in unexpected ways.”―Gillian Tett, The Silo Effect: The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers.

This statement holds true for modern businesses where fast access to valuable insights from across disciplines is imperative to thrive in an application economy. Software development processes today have transformed from being ancillary to mission critical, where the speed of delivery to customers can be a game changer. Wouldn’t it be great if the service desk department can quickly resolve customer issues by collaborating seamlessly with the internal development team? Resolving issues would be at full tilt. However, as a matter of fact, the software development teams today comprise professionals from various departments, organizations, and geographies who leverage their preferred set of tools, process, and methods. In addition to this, “The problem for large enterprises is that they have many different ALM systems like JIRA, Quality Center, and data is stored in different data sources which is silo-ed in separate applications. Dispersed teams cannot access this data as they are not able to collaborate with each other,” reveals Doug Bass, SVP Engineering, Go2Group. “With ConnectAll, the intent is to break these walls.”

With a view to unify teams, processes, and data, Go2Group offers an enterprise-class application— ConnectAll—that synchronizes data between multiple ALM systems and processes to boost software development. “ConnectALL ALM Router integrates development, quality control, and management applications, offering competitive edge to organizations by boosting productivity and delivering results that match their integration needs,” explains Bass. Go2Group specializes in integrations with products and services that make multiple ALM systems—like Perforce, IBM, Atlassian, HPE, Microsoft, Salesforce, BMC, and ServiceNow—act as a single unified unit.

Typical projects capture requirements multiple times, with same tests illustrated at different places. This results in an intensive and cumbersome analysis to know about the project being worked on and its status. ConnectAll aligns cross-departmental teams in the organization to access the same ALM data, regardless of the systems being used, with its bi-directional and real-time synchronization.

ConnectALL ALM Router integrates development, quality control, and management applications, offering competitive edge to organizations by boosting productivity

Its compatibility with most of the enterprise-class ALM systems offers an integrated platform with enhanced visibility for requirements gathering, version control, change management, quality management, and project management. Supporting methodologies like agile, waterfall, and hybrid, ConnectAll ALM Router forms a unified framework that eliminates errors and accelerates progress in ALM systems with flexibility and cross-functional collaboration.

Enterprises today need to meet the stringent governance requirements for reliability, security, and performance as well as connectivity. Taking this into account, Go2Group’s multi-tenant architecture fills the bill for clustering, secure connections, traceability, multiple server support (on-premise or cloud), audit trails, and the newest security requirements such as CAC/PIV.

The company has implemented software productivity systems for hundreds of clients in various industries worldwide. Once, they assisted a California based printing and imaging firm, EFI, when the client’s software development toolset lagged in providing the expected agility and efficiency. With ConnectAll, EFI was able to integrate and synchronize their in-house and customer facing ALM systems. In addition, Go2Group also automated their build processes to boost the performance of their in-house ALM systems.

Empowering enterprises with efficiency to collaborate, cross-pollinate ideas, and foster better communications, Go2Group looks forward to continue developing adaptors for more ALM, development, and management tools. The company’s focus is to guide businesses toward success with their goal—“Make it Easy.”


Bel Air, MD

Brett Taylor, Founder & President

The company's ConnectALL ALM Router eliminates errors and delays in ALM systems by unifying every tool