GoComputek: A Reliable Managed IT Service Partner of SMBs

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Jiovanny Roger Gonzalez, President
In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, maintaining an in-house IT department can be too costly an endeavor for many small businesses. Most SMBs already have their hands full with their own core operations bearing down heavily upon them. Many organizations lack the personnel and resources to manage their IT infrastructure securely and effectively. Consequently, they find themselves in a tough spot, struggling to stay relevant and competitive with their IT investments while also securing their assets from various internal and external vulnerabilities.

Being an industry leader and business owner from Miami, Jiovanny Roger Gonzalez knows this better than most. As a result, he has first-hand insights into just how significant cost-effective and value-based managed IT services are for organizations. To assist businesses in securing and managing their IT assets, he established GoComputek, a leading IT solutions provider firm specializing in IT support, managed IT services and cloud services.

Today, GoComputek offers industry-best security-based IT services to clients at an affordable price. The company helps clients optimize their IT infrastructure and improve their security posture by helping them implement cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies and solutions.

“Our goal is to help our customers do what they do best. We take care of their IT and provide good value to our clients by ensuring exceptional customer service,” says Gonzalez, who leads GoComputek as its president.

GoComputek achieves this goal with its unique business model that is built exclusively around their customers. The company embraces a personalized approach in offering services to clients rather than adopting the typical cookie-cutter approach to IT.

GoComputek insists on installing and configuring the right fit solutions instead of implementing products with a high-profit margin. Furthermore, by constantly looking for cutting-edge technologies, GoComputek helps clients stay competitive in the market while ensuring top-notch security to their mission critical information.
Aspiring to serve as its clients’ trusted partner, GoComputek adopts a highly detailed and collaborative customer onboarding approach. A typical client engagement begins with the company conducting a comprehensive assessment of its challenges, existing systems and solutions, and business imperatives. This information is then used to develop a reliable, customized plan of action to solve their current issues and proactively mitigate their future challenges. For example, if a client approaches GoComputek with a severe mail server issue, the company will solve it efficiently while also addressing their underlying data security issue by offering them a relevant Microsoft 365 solution.

Our goal is to help our customers do what they do best. We take care of their IT and provide good value to our clients by ensuring exceptional customer service

Team GoComputek differentiates itself from the competition with its unmatched focus on flexibility and customer-centricity. The company always listens to clients and welcomes their suggestions. When a customer suggests a solution they are comfortable with, GoComputek will ascertain its value to the client’s operations before implementation. GoComputek will also examine the solution to verify its compliance with current cybersecurity standards and NIST guidelines and approve it before implementing it in the client’s infrastructure.

GoComputek’s strategy of preemptively solving client’s needs has greatly benefitted both their clients and their own organization. For instance, the organization was setting up stable and secure VPN connections and migrating its clients to Microsoft 365 years before COVID demanded work from home solutions for many SMBs. As a result, GoComputek was one of the few companies that remained unaffected by the global lockdown. Needless to say, the organization flourished by taking on new customers, helping them adapt to the new work culture as well.


Miami Lakes, FL

Jiovanny Roger Gonzalez, President

GoComputek is a Managed IT services company that strives to provide its clients with the best security-based IT services with exceptional customer service. The organization listens intently to its customer, intending to solve their current issue and pre-emptively solve the next problem that may arise.