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Alireza Mehrzad, Principal
In today’s digitally dominant and competitive markets, it is vital for businesses to have a strategic and unified presence across all their online outlets be it social media channels or websites. Golden Seller, a premier web design and development firm is changing the way their clients approach branding and advertising by aiding them to understand the importance of unified consistency in their content load. “There is a huge disconnect that almost every business owner we come across has between the concept and the notion of having a website, and how that website is going to help their business grow,” says Alireza Mehrzad, Principal at Golden Seller. The company aims to provide first quality information to their clients and to enlighten business owners on how a well laid out website can increase ROI through inbound marketing and the potential growth prospects that it has on them.

The onboarding structure at Golden Seller is unique, and well defined, and their 90 percent client retention rate substantiates it. The process begins by sending a project manager to study the branding and advertising strategies that their clients have in place to engage with their customers across multiple online platforms. After analysis of the pertaining data, the manager uses the resulting insights to consult and suggest changes in design and marketing approaches to clients. The alterations are generally based on the information that is collected from customer databases, and website visitor data plays a critical role as a part of this procedure. “This refinement in data analysis over time brings about a lot of engagement and increases the audience on a website, and the visitors have a positive interaction with the business,” comments Mehrzad.

In one such instance, an e-commerce provider, prior to partnering with Golden Seller was having trouble with marketing and gaining profit on their advertising investment through their old website. Golden Seller was given the task of handling all the marketing services of their client.
For six months, the team from Golden Seller collected and analyzed data from the client to understand the changes that would need to be incorporated in the marketing pattern. Looking for an ROI on the scale of 1:10, Golden Seller was able to provide the client with a 1:4 ratio after only the first round of suggested changes came into place. Eager to push further ahead, the business owner asked the team at Golden Seller to restructure the entire website. A group of web developers got on board and created a website that was 80% different from the previous one, and this led to an increased ratio of 1:8, doubling the revenue margin for the client. Identifiably, a change was the intuitiveness of the new website in comparison to the older one, and subsequent corrections to the layout to make it more engaging.

There is a huge disconnect that almost every business owner we come across has between the concept and the notion of having a website, and how that website is going to help their business grow

Golden Seller has partnered with several companies from around the globe. Mehrzad’s experience and knowledge of psychology in the marketing field have led the way for them to deliver prime branding and website solutions. The company is focusing on developing a platform that will combine marketing and web development for better futuristic websites. Currently, the team at Golden Seller is studying new areas of branding, and its trends to identify viable ways of bringing more traffic, selling products, and generating leads for their customers. They are also looking for a feasible way to leverage online video advertising solutions, as they continue to develop crisp, content-oriented websites that offer unique user experiences.

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Alireza Mehrzad, Principal

Golden Seller provides clients with state of the art marketing strategies to create engaging websites that have prime search engine optimization

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