Good Boy Studios: Your Pet's Digital Identity

In 2016, serial tech entrepreneur, Viva Chu adopted a goofy, pink-nosed Labradoodle and aptly named him Coder. Like every pet parent, he enjoyed sharing photos and videos about Coder’s misadventures on social media. While posting stories of Coder on Instagram, Chu realized that his dog had his own unique digital identity separate from his own. Thus, the idea for Pet Parade — a new digital marketing platform for pets — was born. “The plan was to build the world’s first Pet Data Platform,” informs Chu, who serves as the co-founder and CEO of Good Boy Studios and whose past successes includes two previous exits to Google and Microsoft.

To kick start his idea, in 2017 Chu and his team created the Pet Parade mobile app which quickly grew to be the leading social media app for cat and dog parents to share fun photos of their pets. Behind the scenes and at the core of Pet Parade is a patent-pending, pet demographics targeting technology that enables brands to create pet-focused marketing campaigns based on pet-centric audience segments such as age, adoption date, food preferences, weight, fur type, lifestyle, health conditions, and even cuteness.

“Businesses can reach their audience by targeting these pet demographics and driving increased efficiencies through pet-personalized creatives that are breed specific,” adds Chu. On the Pet Parade mobile app, Good Boy Studios has helped brands such as Purina, Earth Animal, and Stella and Chewy reach pet parents based on health conditions and food preferences.
In April of this year, advertisers on Pet Parade will also be able to leverage its one-of-a-kind pet engagement platform to verify retail in-store sales via receipt scanning and online sales at over 140 online pet stores directly integrated with Good Boy Studio’s Pet Data Platform.

Good Boy Studios provides digital marketing software and solutions to enable pet businesses to engage with pet parents through the power of pet data

In 2020, Good Boy Studios launched its Petlytics product which allows pet focused ecommerce stores and websites to easily collect pet profiles into their own Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) or the Pet Parade Pet Data Platform (PDP) hosted by Good Boy Studios.

As a venture-backed technology company that is devoted to the pet space, Good Boy Studio’s vision is to build software and digital marketing solutions to enable pet businesses to engage with pet parents in more meaningful ways through the power of pet data. To that end, the company intends to continue working with pet brands such as Purina to enhance their own data enrichment and collection strategies with the ultimate goal of enabling a safe, PII-compliant and fun consumer-focused solution to pet-targeted marketing across online and offline channels.

“With the success we’ve had so far, we are excited for the future connections we can enable as the pet industry continues to grow and evolve,” wraps up Chu.

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